FAR BEYOND, makes its debut performance at Colbourne Ave with the talents of Paul Cutlan on saxophones, flute and clarinets; Gary Daley on piano and accordion; James Greening on trombone; Ben Hauptmann on guitars; and Sandy Klose on bass. These great musicians will be bringing life to the much anticipated compositions and creative drumming of Fabian Hevia.


Treading a faint path between modern jazz, world music and pop song, instrumentalists My Goodness, McGuiness! strip back all genres back to celebrate melody and emotion as king. Jazz trained musicians been dancing around songwriting and pop music influences, then finally approaching it head on. gently.

Sarah Belkner : voice
Lucian McGuiness : trombophone
Dan Junor : saxomaphone
Paul Cutlan : clarinets and things
Aaron Flower : leccy guitar
Jonothan Zwartz : contra-bass
James Hauptmann : drums
Fabian Hevia : other hitting things
Strings led by Rachel Pogson

Lucian McGuiness is a composer, arranger and musical director in jazz, circus-theatre and contemporary pop arenas. My Goodness McGuiness mixes some of Sydney's finest improvisors and groove masters with skilful arranging and writing.

“There is pure quality to the McGuiness tone, coupled with a less-is-more approach.”
— Limelight Magazine

"Bithe as a bee in spring"
– Sydney Morning Herald

Also talented arranger, musical director and songwriter, vocalist Sarah Belkner has a signature sound that ferries catchy, emotional lyrical depth and vocal ear candy for days to a rich beautifully strange world of complex, subtle and layered arrangements.

Passionfruit Trio is an electro-acoustic guitar/piano/percussion group that engages its audience with infectious rhythms, compelling melodies and inspired improvisations through a unique exploration of Afro-Brazilian-jazz-funk possibilities. A performance at Wangaratta Jazz Festival was described by John Shand as: "Electrifying" S.M.H. Audiences have described the trio performances as ‘superlative’ or with comments such as ‘ your music make me happy’.

The trio includes multi-awarded master guitarist/composer Guy Strazz, renowned pianist/composer Matt McMahon and percussionist/composer Fabian Hevia. Repertoire include works by Miles Davis, Tania Maria, Gismonti, Pixinguinha, Hermeto and the trio.

They are joined by the gifted singer, Edo Santoni, whose musical connection to Strazz and McMahon is deeply rooted through Guy’s Passionfruit band, and Edo’s own projects. Guy and Matt’s debut album, 2@1, was released on the Birdland label and received an AIR Nomination  for best jazz release in 2009.  A rare opportunity to enjoy this superb band in the intimacy, and relaxed atmosphere of the church.

The program includes works by Miles Davis, Tania Maria, Gismonti, Pixinguinha, Hermeto and the trio.

It is easy for piano and guitar to trip over each other harmonically, but these two, amongst the most lyrical players in the land, sing from the same hymn book. John Shand SMH.

Music at its most fundamental and most thrilling SIMA.

One of the numerous beautiful themes is Zawi, an ode to pianist Jo Zawinul, where a flowing, unobtrusive melody achieves a carefully cultivated sense of peaceful relaxation. John McBeath, The Australian