Thursday, 21 July 2016 23:41

My Goodness, McGuiness!

My Goodness McGuiness! My Goodness McGuiness!
Treading a faint path between modern jazz, world music and pop song, instrumentalists My Goodness, McGuiness! strip back all genres back to celebrate melody and emotion as king. Jazz trained musicians been dancing around songwriting and pop music influences, then finally approaching it head on. gently.

Sarah Belkner : voice
Lucian McGuiness : trombophone
Dan Junor : saxomaphone
Paul Cutlan : clarinets and things
Aaron Flower : leccy guitar
Jonothan Zwartz : contra-bass
James Hauptmann : drums
Fabian Hevia : other hitting things
Strings led by Rachel Pogson

Lucian McGuiness is a composer, arranger and musical director in jazz, circus-theatre and contemporary pop arenas. My Goodness McGuiness mixes some of Sydney's finest improvisors and groove masters with skilful arranging and writing.

“There is pure quality to the McGuiness tone, coupled with a less-is-more approach.”
— Limelight Magazine

"Bithe as a bee in spring"
– Sydney Morning Herald

Also talented arranger, musical director and songwriter, vocalist Sarah Belkner has a signature sound that ferries catchy, emotional lyrical depth and vocal ear candy for days to a rich beautifully strange world of complex, subtle and layered arrangements.