Saturday, 06 August 2005 10:00

Brett Robin Wood

Saturday 6th August 2005

Brett Robin Wood

Sydney based Singer/Songwriter Brett Robin Wood is a folk-pop storyteller. Brett’s live solo performance has been described as “Charlie Chaplin meets Leonard Cohen” – with spontaneity & humour Brett reveals the hidden ways of the heart and the intricate maze of the mind, beautifully capturing the experience of being human. He has recently released his new studio album, Likely Stories.

Brett’s show is a little bit Martin Pearson, a little bit Damon Davies. Brett Robin Wood’s catchy tunes gently land in your psyche, leaving you smiling in celebration of what it means to be human.

Michael Olliffe

Michael Olliffe has been playing music since the age of seven after being inspired to take up playing piano by the Peanuts character Schroeder. Michael is a confident songwriter and performer seeking to combine ambition with integrity and passion crossing many styles from rock to pop, ballads, punk, the avant-garde, electronic and acoustic-based material.

Huw Luscombe

Huw Luscombe is a 39 year old poet from Glebe who writes about the disconnectedness of the modern world and how much he hates the Television. He was once "seeing a Psychiatrist" but after about a year they decided to get married.

“Luscombe Poetry has “Little insights and magical images that distract verse from simply forging ahead, making declarations or working things out. understanding less, revealing more” - Les Murray