Thursday, 16 March 2006 11:00

Frencham Smith

Thursday 16th March 2006

Frencham Smith

This night is a rare opportunity to see Fred Smith (who now resides in Washington DC) , & Liz Frencham together on a limited tour to coincide with the recording of their new album together. Frencham and Smith’s debut CD ’Into My Room’ was rated in Rhythms Magazine’s Top 5 Albums and in the past two years they have performed in a number of major festivals throughout the country. Honey voiced bassist Frencham and award winning songwriter Smith are an unusual collaboration that offers performances rich in humour, thought and feeling.

"Not Just bonza, double bonza, 10 out of 10 with a koala stamp….go and see Frencham Smith or I’ll slash your tyres." Philip Adams, Late Night Live, Radio National

"Frencham’s warm vocals could easily melt an iceberg and are the perfect medium for Smith’s emotionally bare lyrics," Eddie O’ Reilly- Newcastle Herald

"This album is the benchmark for any aspiring song-writer to listen to in the pursuit of achieving success. The idea of Smith and Frencham working together is genius, as the song-meister has found a voice that is well suited to the content and style of the songs." Tigdh O’Glesain ,

"Frencham Smith…rings with authenticity and charisma. There is a real strength to this album…soulful instrumentation, powerful yet emotive vocals and engaging lyrical themes ensure that Into My Room maintains its promise right across the ten tracks." Zolton Zavos, The Brag