Thursday, 24 September 2009 10:00

Liz Frencham & Robbie Long

Liz Frencham + PJ Wolf @ eight oclock sharp

Thursday 24th September 2009 : two duets

Liz Frencham & Robbie Long

Liz and Robbie, residing in country Victoria and Newcastle respectively, have been working as a duet for two years now. It feels like a privilege to be allowed into the comfortable space between their ten strings and two sets of vocal chords, all warmth and story and big sound from two great performers. |
Rob Long |

PJ Wolf & Mike McCarthy

PJ has just moved back to Sydney - it’s been a long wait, but he’s nearby again with new songs. he writes great tunes, beautiful poetry, and has a voice and a delivery you won’t forget.
Mike has just returned from a tour of Japan and the US, after selling out the Basement and Lizottes for his album launch here.
They’ll be singing each other’s songs, together.