Thursday, 29 January 2015 23:00


Chris Abrahams - piano
Mike Majkowski - bass
James Waples - drums

Established in 2007, ROIL play their own original style of jazz-inspired improvised music. Their music draws upon a varied pallet; at times it comes close to free jazz, at other times to experimental improvisation, while also referencing other styles such as minimalism and ambient music. A roil piece incorporates aspects of textural improvisation, bringing extended techniques to bear on a collective sound world, while also being melodic and conventionally rhythmic. Bringing together the abstract and the figurative.

''A beautifully weighted trio, full of delicacy, mesmerizing accumulations of detail and engulfing power.'' - John Clare

This performance celebrates their 3rd release 'Raft of the Meadows' (limited edition LP) on the Lithuanian label NoBusiness Records

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