Thursday, 01 October 2015 23:00

Susan Gai Dowling

Susan Gai Dowling Susan Gai Dowling

Susan Gai.   You might know her from her jazz radio shows : monday nights on Fine Music FM or fridays on Eastside

Or from a thousand gigs all around town with Evan, Carl Dewhurst, Greg Lloyd, Bermie McGann, or dozens of others.

Or you might just recognise what she does - jazz standards sung the proper way, with attention to the song, the story, and the feeling.  She'll be doing that with the great Evan Lohning (pianist, arranger, and composer) on piano.

The night will be opened by Tania Bowra who owes much to music, it has been a constant and carrying force in her life since she was a young kid.  She’s enjoyed not just the love and labour of creating and performing music for 40 years, but the pleasure and privilege of facilitating many others along the way.  In the years since her still remembered 1989 ARIA nominated Heaven And Earth, Tania has grown into a multi-faceted musician, music producer, director and teacher.  Her songs have drawn parrallels to those of David Gray, Neil Young and Fiona Apple - and certainly, the classic singer-songwriters of the early seventies have been the most recognisable influence in her recordings.  Tania has always revelled in singing the beautiful songs of others – perhaps to no greater disinction than in Joni – a Tribute to the Legendary Joni Mitchell where she appeared alongside a handful of artists including Wendy Matthews and Katie Noonan to a full Sydney Opera House Concert Hall.  Now writing and playing in new band Girls On The Avenue - with Melanie Forbes’ (sistermadly, Jenny Morris) and Julia Day (Geoff Achison, Jeff Duff Orchestra) - Tania can still rarely say no to a chance to play the songs of Joni Mitchell.. especially not when invited by (local jazz legend and dear friend) Susan Gai-Dowling.