Thursday, 11 August 2016 23:41

TJ Eckleberg

TJ Eckleberg TJ Eckleberg

There are those musicians. The ones who create music , but rarely let it out to the world. The ones where you have to wait for years to hear a new song, and it's always perfect. The ones where they only perform once or twice a year, and yet it's perfect.

TJ is one of those. He has created a seventh album. He's going to play the songs. And some old ones too, probably. It will be sublime. 

As you can imagine, TJ thinks a lot.  You can read some of those thoughts : a good place to start is 

After releasing five albums from Sydney, TJ left Australia for Berlin, where he spent three years writing and recording West & Lime (and doing other stuff).  Last year he moved to Kyoto and finished Black & Amber, a set of songs exploring what it is to trade a world you know for one you don't.  A soulful, lush guitar-based album of sparkling tremelo, ragged radio speaker vocals, rippling sunshine delay lines and Eckleberg's knack of balancing world weary whisper with fragile wail. 

Read the full press release : TJEckleberg_BlackAndAmber_press.pdf