Thursday, 08 October 2015 23:00

Liz Frencham album launch

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Liz Frencham used to be in a band called Jigzag.  someone just asked me about them today (that could have been months ago, since you're not reading this today).  For ten years she pretty much just played with Greg and Caroline.  Since then she's playing with pretty much everyone, especially in her ongoing duet project "you & me".  She records (and later, when it's convenient, performs) duets with people she loves.  could be one of her songs, or one of theirs, or just one they love.  she's recorded dozens of them, with friends and family and famous people and should-be-famous people.  At colbourne ave she'll be launching volume 2 and volume 3, with as many special duet guests as sydney can provide.