Wednesday, 01 July 2009 10:00

June 2009 : Jazz Piano Trios

John Harkins, Kevin Hunt, Barney Wakeford, Gavin Ahearn

John Harkins trio

John Harkins

Raised in Chicago, trained in New York, living in Sydney.  With Andrew Dickeson on drums and Brendan Clarke on bass, John will move all the air in the room.


Thursday 11th June 2009

Kevin Hunt trio

Kevin Hunt

Kevin is a man of great spirit and diverse influences - as likely to play Bach as Debussy or Ellington.  Two full sets with Laurie Thompson on drums and Dave Ellis on bass.


Thursday 18th June 2009

Gavin Ahearn trio

Gavin Ahearn Trio

You've seen VIVID : now it's time to see Gavin Ahearn, with Nic Cecire (tamburi) and Matt "Copperfield" Greubner (bass)


Thursday 25th June 2009

Barney Wakeford trio

Barney Wakeford

with mark Lau (bass) and Cam Reid (drums)