Thursday, 07 August 2014 00:00

The Fantastic Teriffic Munkle

the fantastic terrific munkle the fantastic terrific munkle

Munkle is a creation of that musical genius and jazz community stalwart Julian Kerwin.  The project has been emerging from the depths of his mind regularly over the last decade, but not much lately because Martin Kay (clarinet) has been overseas for the past year.  But Martin is in sydney for one thursday, and to mark the occasion they will be airing a bunch of new tunes, as well as making a recording for posterity. 

Unusual compositions, complex harmonies,  quirky melodies, amusing introductions.  It's quite fantastic and a little bit terriffic

Martin Kay - clarinets
Julian Curwin - guitar, banjo
Sam Golding - tuba, trumpet
Danny Heifetz - drums