Thursday, 22 October 2015 23:00

Guy Strazz eastern blues quartet

Eastern Blues Eastern Blues

Master guitarist and experimental composer, Guy Strazz, returns with the exciting Eastern Blues Quartet to Colbourne Ave.  Experimental jazz nuanced with Indian classical music and Latin funk where the scintillating sounds of two guitars are driven by a hard swinging, vibrant rhythm section.

Comments from last month’s performance at Jazzgroove:

Blending aspects of jazz, Indian, blues and Latin music. In fact, the word "aspects" is probably redundant, so completely are the component parts integrated, providing the players with unique rhythmic and melodic fields upon which to unleash their improvising skills’.  J. Shand SMH

‘Oh. My. God!
’ Ben Panucci, director @ Jazzgroove

Brilliant!’ David Rasko (spectator and guitarist)

Eastern Blues takes influence from Ravi Shankar and the Coltranes to name just a few - an approach coupled with a strong sense of the improvisational elements of Indian music.
**** Jazz & Beyond

"Guy Strazz is amongst the most lyrical players in the land, the influence of the Indian sitar tradition can be traced beside that of the the combustive fire of Brazil and the explosive virtuosity of the likes of John McLaughlin and Egberto Gismonti" - John Shand, The Sydney Morning Herald.

Guy Strazz – electric guitar   
Aaron Flower – electric guitar   
Toby Hall – drum-kit   
Hugh Fraser – electric bass