One of the great jazz suites to have emerged from Sydney in recent years : A modern music show based on the story, music and culture that developed as a direct consequence of the Mutiny on the Bounty and the clash of Tahitian and English cultures which developed into the language and song of the of the Pitcairn and Norfolk islanders. 

Rick Robertson – Soprano and Tenor Saxophone
Phil Slater – Trumpet
Matt McMahon – Piano, Fender Rhodes Piano, Hammond Organ
Alexander Hewetson – Acoustic and Fender Bass
Simon Barker – Drums and Log Drums
Aykho Akhrif – Percussion


Featuring Carl Dewhurst and Simon Barker, Showa 44 utilise tuned metallic resonances, rhythmic densities and spontaneous invention via electric guitar and percussion to manifest compelling and evocative soundscapes.

Anne-Marie says:

“Think metallic discordant strident confrontational free form jazz and thats the soft version that takes the cerebral and permeating rythyms to that next level
It gets under your skin and resonates with every fibrous essence of your  body . I drive around playing this in the car and people look at me quizzically they then stop for a second take and then beat haphazardly in time to the timbre of the sound you will also at colbourne ave.

Other people say:

Showa 44, comprising Carl Dewhurst on guitar and Simon Barker on drums, delivered a sonic tour de force in the Playhouse Theatre. This was jazz in extremis, melding the experiments of English stalwarts AMM with the force-field energy of a Sonic Youth.” Des Cowley – Rhythms Magazine

Drifting, humming guitar reminiscent of the swirls of Fripp & Eno open and recur on this beautiful second album of improvisations from guitarist Carl Dewhurst and drummer Simon Barker.” SMH

Showa 44 display imaginations the size of continents” – Limelight

Featuring Carl Dewhurst and Simon Barker, Showa 44 utilise tuned metallic resonances, rhythmic densities and spontaneous invention via electric guitar and percussion to manifest compelling and evocative soundscapes.
Showa 44 are increasingly becoming recognized as one of Australia’s foremost creative ensembles. they say:

Its been a long time since our last outing as Showa 44 but well worth the wait as we finally have the opportunity to perform at Colbourne Ave.
It's the perfect environment both aesthetically and acoustically for us to present some of our more ambient work.
If you haven't been along to this venue before its $20/$10 on the door and you can BYO whatever you like to eat or drink. You can buy things there too.
Anyway we really hope you can make it along as we revisit some of the resonances from our last CD "Orneon"

Mark Lau will be back from New York for a couple of weeks - and for this one night he has brought together three old friends, three of sydney's best free improvisers.

Old Standards ==> New Measures

Four improvisers who are dedicated to moving thru familiar jazz standard tunes in a fresh and unique way...


Everybody loves Matt, and the synergy he has developed with Jono Brown and Simon Barker over a decady is astounding.  They will play pieces from their 13 year history and some brand new ones too.
Of their cd "Ellipsis" John Shand said in the Sydney Morning Herald:
"McMahon's playing is ravishing ... The recording quality is excellent and the music is as good as any current piano-trio jazz"

Wow, exciting!  A screening of Emma Franz's documentary about Simon Barker's incredible journey to the heart of South Korea's drumming tradition, Intangible Asset No 82.  Followed by a solo performance by Simon, Q & A with Emma, plus a set by Jim Denley / Mike Majkowski.
This event is presented in conjunction with the Sydney Improvised Music Association - the film will start at 7pm and the cost is $25/$15, and you can actually book tickets!  check the SIMA website for more info :

Hewetson.  McMahon.  Slater.  Barker.
need i say more? ok i will...

Alexander Hewetson, the original bass player in the highly successful 90’s jazz groove outfit D.I.G, also played and recorded with funksters Swoop between 1992 and 1998.  With Climbing Tree he brings his unconstrained grooves and evocative compositions to three of the defining voices of Sydney's jazz scene, trumpeter Phil Slater, pianist Matt McMahon and drummer Simon Barker.

Climbing Tree launched their debut album Tree Music with us back in february 2009 and have been regular visitors ever since.  I love them.  This music is good.  really really good.  if you're think trumpets are too loud, or bands without singers aren't interesting, or modern jazz is boring, come and have your mind changed.

here's what they say:

Climbing Tree are very happy to be back at Colbourne Ave, looking forward to the warm surroundings and friendly atmosphere of Café Church. Climbing Tree’s debut album Tree Music showcases Alexander Hewetson’s talent as a composer with the highly evocative music featuring all original compositions. Alexander’s group showcases three of Australia’s finest musicians in trumpeter Phil Slater, pianist Matt McMahon and drummer Simon Barker, with whom he previously played for about ten years in the group Baecastuff. The group played an integral part in the arrangements and Alexander notes that “sometimes the arranging and writing becomes one and the same thing, especially with such great musicians as these.”

A fundraiser for their ABC Melbourne recording, playing a mix of originals, jazz standards, and jewish tunes. 

You've probably seen Leonie accompanying David Campbell, Christa Hughes, or Edwina Blush.  This trio have been playing together for nearly ten years and are about to record their second album for the ABC. 

“Cohen’s own playing is spacious and lyrical whether soloing or in support. The music is seductive and melodic and the solos are often exquisite.”
Dave Curry - Canberra Times

with Jono Brown and Simon Barker

come on.

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