Thursday, 20 February 2014 19:47

Showa 44

Showa 44 Showa 44

Featuring Carl Dewhurst and Simon Barker, Showa 44 utilise tuned metallic resonances, rhythmic densities and spontaneous invention via electric guitar and percussion to manifest compelling and evocative soundscapes.

Anne-Marie says:

“Think metallic discordant strident confrontational free form jazz and thats the soft version that takes the cerebral and permeating rythyms to that next level
It gets under your skin and resonates with every fibrous essence of your  body . I drive around playing this in the car and people look at me quizzically they then stop for a second take and then beat haphazardly in time to the timbre of the sound you will also at colbourne ave.

Other people say:

Showa 44, comprising Carl Dewhurst on guitar and Simon Barker on drums, delivered a sonic tour de force in the Playhouse Theatre. This was jazz in extremis, melding the experiments of English stalwarts AMM with the force-field energy of a Sonic Youth.” Des Cowley – Rhythms Magazine

Drifting, humming guitar reminiscent of the swirls of Fripp & Eno open and recur on this beautiful second album of improvisations from guitarist Carl Dewhurst and drummer Simon Barker.” SMH

Showa 44 display imaginations the size of continents” – Limelight