Thursday, 28 July 2011 17:54

Showa 44

Showa 44 Showa 44

Featuring Carl Dewhurst and Simon Barker, Showa 44 utilise tuned metallic resonances, rhythmic densities and spontaneous invention via electric guitar and percussion to manifest compelling and evocative soundscapes.
Showa 44 are increasingly becoming recognized as one of Australia’s foremost creative ensembles. they say:

Its been a long time since our last outing as Showa 44 but well worth the wait as we finally have the opportunity to perform at Colbourne Ave.
It's the perfect environment both aesthetically and acoustically for us to present some of our more ambient work.
If you haven't been along to this venue before its $20/$10 on the door and you can BYO whatever you like to eat or drink. You can buy things there too.
Anyway we really hope you can make it along as we revisit some of the resonances from our last CD "Orneon"