Thursday, 15 May 2008 10:00

Gavin Ahearn trio

Thursday 15th May 2008

Thursday 9th April 2009

Thursday 25th June 2009

Gavin Ahearn trio

Gavin Ahearn on piano, with Brendon Clarke on Bass and Nic Cecire on drums, playing original compositions from the album ’Songs for Distant Souls’ - and anything else Gavin’s brilliant mind comes up with in the moment.

Gavin is a beautiful lyrical pianist who has spent so many years working outside Australia that his fame here is not as great as it should be.

gavin ahearn trio

"Ahearn is every bit the beautiful, lyrical pianist he’s touted to be; not showy. In fact, he seems a little like a shy A+ student, covering his work to avoid the boy next to him copying. Much akin to Greubner, he tinkles and tinkers away, eking out the deeply affecting & truly extraordinary as if it’s no more challenging than shaving."
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Gavin Ahearn on cdbaby

Gavin Ahearn : Esperance