Thursday, 18 June 2015 23:00

Solo Jazz Piano Master Series vii : Barney McAll : Mike Nock

Barney McAll : Mike Nock Barney McAll : Mike Nock

Two of Australia's greatest jazz pianists.

Barney McAll has returned to Sydney for a year (after 17 years in New York) to take up the Peggy Glanville-Hicks Residency.  He will be working on a number of new composition projects including solo piano pieces for next year’s Kinetic Jazz Festival in Sydney which have been influenced by the gospel church music he has been playing in Queens, New York, and works for two pianos, homemade instruments, celeste and vibraphone with Eugene Ughetti and his mentor Mike Nock.

Mike Nock (who lived in the US for 25 years) is perennially re-working, re-inventing, and sharing and creating with each new generation of musicians. He won the Don Banks Award last year, and described himself as a "missionary for jazz".

There will be grand piano, various electronic keyboards, and a final duet between these two masters of improvisation.

Mike and Barney both have sections of their websites devoted to their solo work: