Thursday, 08 December 2016 20:00

Mike Nock + Free For All

Mike Nock Mike Nock

Mike Nock

One of our most consistent supporters.  A man who is always in the zone.

One set, solo piano.  Followed by a break for hanging out and drinking tea and wine (it's our third last concert after all).

And then, for one last time,

Free For All : an experience that will change the way you think about art.

Free For All is an improvisation movement we developed over a few years last decade.  It goes like this:

Everybody is welcome to perform.  Perceived musical ability is not a factor.  If you wish to perform, place your name (or a false name, if you wish to remain anonymous, which we usually do) into the Chalice Of Love.  An acolyte of the Chalice will draw names (duets, quartets, nonets?), and they will become an ensemble.  Without discussion, those people will begin to play, and they will continue until the music has finished.  And another ensemble will be drawn.

The only rule is that you can't play anything you've ever played before.  You can interpret that rule any way you want.

Free For All can be profound, hilarious, life-changing, horrible, beautiful, surprising, shocking, and fun.  Usually not all in the one piece, but very likely all in the one night.  Instruments will be invented, friends will be made, bands will be formed and broken up in the space of minutes.