Colbourne Ave started after musician Spike Mason was travelling around Europe in 1996. He went to some beautiful jazz concerts that were acoustic, and more like concerts than he was used to in the Sydney jazz scene. One of these was in the round, and it was so moving and intimate that he decided to try and recreate the experience in his own scene back home. After much searching, he found that the church in Glebe he was working for had perfect acoustics for listening. From 2000 to 2009 the venue was called "eight oclock sharp", the name of the first ever series - a season of the play Waiting For Godot with five jazz piano concerts. There was a very strict 'no talking during the music' rule, and the promise that the music would start exactly on time - eight oclock sharp!

Over the years, and with help from Andrew, Barney, and the CafeChurch community, the concert series grew from half a dozen performances a year - almost always acoustic, often in the round with great musicians and respectful audiences - until in 2008 they organized their third 'Jazz Piano Master Series' with sixteen solo pianists over four weeks. It was so good they decided they had to do it every week!  Over the next couple of years we managed to organise a consistent series of concerts, and changed our name to Colbourne Ave.

  • 23 Jan 2014

    Casey Moir – Voice (AUS/SWE)
    Reuben Lewis – Trumpet (AUS)
    Luke Sweeting – Piano (AUS)
    Johan Moir – Double Bass (SWE)
    Aidan Lowe – Drums (AUS)

    From north to south the members of this band have gathered to form this collaboration of five Swedish & Australian musicians. Together they fuse the spontaneous with the unconventional, composition with open interpretation and allow their intuitive joint expression to intricately weave it all together in some form of coherent chaos.

    While on tour in Sweden, Germany and Poland, SVELIA surprised their audiences as they “frame the liberating madness of free expression within the form of song”. In Krakow, Poland it was quoted that “Svelia's music happens on fringes of a variety of styles - radical improvisation is countered by tricky and disciplined compositions, bursting energy by heartbreaking lyricism, hard-edged harmonies by melodies that will haunt your mind in sleep”

    LIsten here:

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  • 30 Jan 2014
    Acronym Orchestra

    Formed in 2010 by seven like-minded individuals from the Sydney jazz and improvised music scene, The A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Orchestra’s unusual sound stems from its unconventional line-up (two saxophones, trumpet, guitar, piano/organ, sousaphone, drums) and the unique musical experiences and interests of its members.  Part improvisation ensemble, part chamber group, each of the members contribute compositions, allowing for an intriguing array of musical styles and approaches to reveal themselves within one performance.

    The “Orchestra” also commissions and plays the compositions of external composers, all locally sourced and ethically treated, who find themselves inspired to write or adapt for its instrumentation.  From meticulously through-composed pieces to works that allow exhilarating explorations by some of Sydney’s finest young improvisers, a set from the A.C.R.O.N.Y.M. Orchestra is constantly shifting and bringing about sounds and colours you’ve never heard, but always wished you had.

    Jo Derrick trumpet
    Peter Farrar
    James Loughnan
    Dave De Vries
    Grant Arthur
    James Waples
    Harry Sutherland piano and keyboards



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  • 06 Feb 2014

    Back for their fourth Colbourne Ave performance, Chris Abrahams, James Waples, and Mike Markovski might be the most creative improvising trio in Sydney.  totally UN-composed, completely free jazz by three of sydney's free-est improvisors.  Despire their differences in age and history, they clearly understand each other well enough to climb around each others sounds.  ROIL mesmerise you with the way they surge together then careen apart, ramming textures and harmonics against each other in ways that would be totally destructive in less competent hands.

    I like what you get when you search flickr for ROIL

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  • 14 Feb 2014
    Simon Ferenci Quartet

    "Excellent blend of jazz sensibilities with more abstract textures. All four members of the quartet contribute great things." - Lloyd Swanton

    Simon's quartet has been playing his long, sparse compositions for trumpet, piano, bass, and drums for four years.  A couple of years ago Eamon Dilworth (another great trumpet player) asked Simon about his influences.  The answer is an education.


    Have a listen here, you can buy a hard copy of the album on the night:


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  • 20 Feb 2014
    Showa 44

    Featuring Carl Dewhurst and Simon Barker, Showa 44 utilise tuned metallic resonances, rhythmic densities and spontaneous invention via electric guitar and percussion to manifest compelling and evocative soundscapes.

    Anne-Marie says:

    “Think metallic discordant strident confrontational free form jazz and thats the soft version that takes the cerebral and permeating rythyms to that next level
    It gets under your skin and resonates with every fibrous essence of your  body . I drive around playing this in the car and people look at me quizzically they then stop for a second take and then beat haphazardly in time to the timbre of the sound you will also at colbourne ave.

    Other people say:

    Showa 44, comprising Carl Dewhurst on guitar and Simon Barker on drums, delivered a sonic tour de force in the Playhouse Theatre. This was jazz in extremis, melding the experiments of English stalwarts AMM with the force-field energy of a Sonic Youth.” Des Cowley – Rhythms Magazine

    Drifting, humming guitar reminiscent of the swirls of Fripp & Eno open and recur on this beautiful second album of improvisations from guitarist Carl Dewhurst and drummer Simon Barker.” SMH

    Showa 44 display imaginations the size of continents” – Limelight

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  • 28 Feb 2014
    Maree Steinway

    Maree Steinway's trio will bring us back to jazz central.  A classic piano trio, playing the standards, with style and simplicity.  She says she'll try to fit as many moods and textures of the standard repertoire as we can in those two sets.  Some favourites and some tunes that haven’t been done to death as well as a contemporary thing.

    And they will play a tribute to the world renowned folk singer and songwriter, the late Pete Seeger who Maree met when she was a kid of eleven.

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  • 07 Mar 2014
    Great Waitress

    The trio Great Waitress features Monika Brooks on Accordion from Sydney, Magda Mayas on piano from Berlin, and Laura Altman on clarinet. Magda is an exceptional pianist and is visiting Australia for a short while this year. Great Waitress played a number of successful shows in Sydney, Berlin and Austria in 2011 including the NOWnow festival and Konfrontationen festival in Nickelsdorf, and released their debut album 'Lucid' on the record label Splitrec.

    You can listen to them here :
    If you want to know what they look like when they sound like that, here is an excellent gallery from their performance in Oslo :
    And if you like them, you can "Like" them :

    It's new music, post-jazz, improvised and intricate.  The reviews are really easy to find, and great to read:

    „Die Musikerinnen von GREAT WAITRESS denken die Konzepte von Melodik und Harmonik neu. Im Prozess der kollektiven Erforschung klanglicher und struktureller Möglichkeiten findet eine Vermischung der instrumentellen Identitäten statt. Alle drei Instrumente sind vollkommen verfremdet, insbesondere das Akkordeon klingt fast wie eine elektronische Klangquelle. Dies ist Musik – ich würde es eher Sound-Art nennen –, die aus sorgfältiger und minutiöser Aufmerksamkeit für die Entstehung des einzelnen Klanges resultiert und diese Aufmerksamkeit auch von den Zuhörern verlangt."

    "...Great Waitress rethink the concepts of melody and harmony. There’s a blurring of instrumental identities in a collective exploration of timbral and textural possibilities. All three instruments are totally defamiliarised – accordion in particular sounds almost like an electronic sound source. This is music – or rather, I’d argue, sound-art – that results from careful, minute attention to production of individual sounds, and demands the same attentionfrom listeners...”
    - Jazz and Improv Column October 2011, A.J.Hamilton

    If spiders have musical dreams while spinning webs, they might sound like the fragile wisps of sound created by Great Waitress....Sometimes the individual instruments become blurred in a sonic mystery that is both enthralling and disorienting. Almost invariably, the sounds are tiny and delicate - just the faintest engraving upon silence - and as intricately connected as that spider's web
    - SMH one, by John Shand ,december 2011

    Multiplicity emerges in Great Waitress through virtuosic collective listening, and creates a unique lucidity. This is intricate, complex music – but … they can also converge to make the monumental. - Rafa Segura, Modisti

    In contrast to Mayas, Brooks and Altman are far more restrained and not as prominent. Whatever music the combination of clarinet and accordion conjures up in the imagination, it is highly unlikely it will match that produced here. When it is identifiable amid the range of sounds, the clarinet is rarely to the fore, tending to favor sustained notes that contribute to the overall ambience. The accordion is identifiable less often, producing wheezy rasping sounds rather than any that are characteristic of the instrument; again, the intention seems to be a contribution to the ensemble sound. But the piano repeatedly attracts attention, as Mayas pushes at its boundaries. The contrast between the duo's restraint and the more garrulous piano playing creates a dynamic tension which drives the music. - John Eyles, All About Jazz


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  • 14 Mar 2014
    Grey Wing Trio

    Three of our favourite young improvisers - trumpet, piano and drums explore music that delves between beautiful songlike forms and free and expressive improvisations

    Listen here :

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  • 21 Mar 2014

    Tim Winton writes There's no sweeter feeling than falling.

    Hear a trio breathing as one, free falling & soaring, led by unique pianist & composer Barney Wakeford, & later with special guest saxophonist Spike Mason from south of the border sitting in.

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  • 28 Mar 2014
    Passionfruit Trio

    Passionfruit Trio is an electro-acoustic guitar/piano/percussion group that engages its audience with infectious rhythms, compelling melodies and inspired improvisations through a unique exploration of Afro-Brazilian-jazz-funk possibilities. A performance at Wangaratta Jazz Festival was described by John Shand as: "Electrifying" S.M.H. Audiences have described the trio performances as ‘superlative’ or with comments such as ‘ your music make me happy’.

    The trio includes multi-awarded master guitarist/composer Guy Strazz, renowned pianist/composer Matt McMahon and percussionist/composer Fabian Hevia. Repertoire include works by Miles Davis, Tania Maria, Gismonti, Pixinguinha, Hermeto and the trio.

    They are joined by the gifted singer, Edo Santoni, whose musical connection to Strazz and McMahon is deeply rooted through Guy’s Passionfruit band, and Edo’s own projects. Guy and Matt’s debut album, 2@1, was released on the Birdland label and received an AIR Nomination  for best jazz release in 2009.  A rare opportunity to enjoy this superb band in the intimacy, and relaxed atmosphere of the church.

    The program includes works by Miles Davis, Tania Maria, Gismonti, Pixinguinha, Hermeto and the trio.

    It is easy for piano and guitar to trip over each other harmonically, but these two, amongst the most lyrical players in the land, sing from the same hymn book. John Shand SMH.

    Music at its most fundamental and most thrilling SIMA.

    One of the numerous beautiful themes is Zawi, an ode to pianist Jo Zawinul, where a flowing, unobtrusive melody achieves a carefully cultivated sense of peaceful relaxation. John McBeath, The Australian

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  • 03 Apr 2014
    Harry Sutherland + Barney Wakeford : Jazz Piano Master Series V

    The first in our April 2014 Jazz Piano Master Series - featuring entrants, finalists, and the winner of the Wangaratta jazz award.

    This week, Harry Sutherland and Barney Wakeford.  Two excellent piano players, and very fine human beings.

    Barney Wakeford is an endlessly inventive improvisor, a free, intuitive player whose open approach was born from decades of intense study.  In full flight, his playing is mesmerising.  He had some beautiful new compositions at his last trio gig, I'm looking forward to the solo versions.

    Harry is a very versatile player.  You can see him playing trad jazz at the RSL, new music at the Foundry, hip hop grooves at festivals.  You can hear him around town almost every week in a trio, a large ensemble, or a big band - and this week, solo.  He won the James Morrison scholarship in 2010 - come and decide whether he should have won the Wangaratta prize.

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  • 10 Apr 2014
    Joe O'Connor + Andy Butler : Jazz Piano Master Series V

    The winner and a runner-up from last year's Wangaratta Jazz prize : coming up from Melbourne specially for this night.  It will be a rare and special concert.

    To help you get to know them, here are the Australian Jazz interviews with Andy and Joe (before anyone knew who the winner would be)

    From Joe's interview:

    What’s your favourite place to play or practise?

    I get very excited when the opportunity presents to play a really nice grand piano in a large, reverberant room. All of the details in the instrument’s sound seem to be amplified. The harmonics in the treble are livelier, the bass is fuller, and the smallest sounds can project with surprising presence.

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  • 17 Apr 2014
    Francesca Prihasti + Steve Barry : Jazz Piano Master Series V

    Steve Barry came second in the Wangaratta Jazz Award last year.  Francesca didn't make the final.  They are both great local players, delicate and pure and simple, abounding with skill but never playing for show.

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  • 24 Apr 2014
    Tim Fisher + Aaron Blakey : Jazz Piano Master Series V

    Finishing our month celebrating the Wangaratta jazz prize : Tim Fisher and Aaron Blakey.

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  • 01 May 2014
    Bonnie Stewart's CrissCross

    Bonnie Stewart has always been drawn to the innovative style of angular melodies, unusual forms and jagged rhythms of Thelonious Monk's music. In her project, "Criss Cross", Bonnie uses these aspects to inspire original compositions as well as new arrangements of Thelonious Monk's tunes. Bonnie infuses Monk’s quirky bebop compositions with her own melodic and rock influenced free-improvisation style, creating a new contemporary dimension to Monk's music.

    Since completing her BA(Hons) in Jazz Performance in Ireland, composer and drummer Bonnie Stewart furthered her studies at the School of Improvised Music in New York.
    Originally formed in her home town of Dublin, Bonnie is excited to bring “Criss Cross” to life in Sydney with a fantastic local line up.

    Simon Ferenci - Trumpet
    Peter Farrar – Alto Sax
    Luke Sweeting – Piano
    Thomas Botting – Double Bass
    Bonnie Stewart – Drums

    To listen, here are some clips from a live performance at Bohemian Grove!

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  • 08 May 2014

    Reuben and Christian met in Berlin, and started improvising together in an apartment with an 80 decibel noise restriction.  Trumpet and drums.  quieter than a speaking voice.  Not something you hear every day.

    Listen here:


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  • 15 May 2014

    Mike and Laurenz are working towards a new recording this year.  They're going to give us a first look at some of the new tunes before they go to Melbourne Jazz Festival next month.

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  • 29 May 2014
    Colin Offord


    This is music without borders, rich in new ideas and stylistic, cultural and philosophical influences. Singer and inventor of original instruments Colin Offord has performed in arts and music festivals, concert halls and country halls, cafes and caves, in great cities and remote villages throughout Australia and the world. They are joined by Horn virtuoso Stephen Morley and contra bass clarinet wizard Boyd. This music doesn’t exist yet, it will be created right infront of you, for your ears only and be gone in the stratosphere by the time you leave. It’s a ride you shouldn’t miss!

    It's instrumental music that feels vocal, it gets you in the guts and the feet, it's really truly amazing.


    “Offord is like a modern troubadour with his artistic crossover of Celtic, Aboriginal, Medieval and Asian music. His performances are enchanting, effortless and always an exciting event. Antoine Legat, Cultuur Magazine, Belgium

    “Colin Offord’s combination of wild music and highly original instruments will have you raising your eyebrows and listening like you’ve never listened before. It won’t hurt, really!” Chet Williamson, Rambles Culture Magazine, U.S.A.

    The best introduction to Colin's style is a google image search.  See what he can do!
    Or just check out his own website :

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  • 12 Jun 2014
    Marty Wieczorek Quartet

    Back from an extended hiatus, the latest incarnation of the Marty Wieczorek Quartet features Marty’s beautiful compositions, drawing on an eclectic range of influences from Radiohead to Charlie Parker to Mahler and Tomasz Stanko. For a taster, go to:

    The Marty Wieczorek Quartet features:

    Marty Wieczorek on Sax
    David Devries on Guitar
    James Waples on Drums
    Thomas Botting on bass

    Marty Wieczorek has performed with some of Sydney's most beautiful jazz musicians including Aaron Flower, Evan Mannell, James Waples, and Abel Cross, appearing at some of Australia's great jazz venues and has toured his music nationally. He is now practicing as a provisional psychologist, so this is a rare opportunity to hear this exceptionally lyrical and unique musical voice.

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  • 19 Jun 2014
    Francesca Prihasti quartet

    Francesca returns with a quartet - James Waples on drums, Alex Boneham on bass, and Nic Verdanega on guitar.

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  • 26 Jun 2014
    TJ Eckleberg

    I have only seen Prince play once and that was in Budapest.  I have only seen Elvis Costello play once and he was supporting Bob Dylan. I looked forward to both shows immensely. TJ holds a place for me somewhere between Prince and Mr Costello.
    One of our first performers ever, back in 2002 when he had only recorded two or three albums... TJ has lived in Sydney, Berlin, and Yokohama; worked as a musician, theatre director, and teacher; writes, records, produces, and performs some of the most complex and beautiful songs I know.  
    he'll be playing solo.  TJ Eckleberg, one guitar, a few pedals, and lots of songs.


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  • 03 Jul 2014

    Gripping and imaginative, the Sydney-Melbourne collaboration Toska is led by alto saxophonist, Josh Kelly and pianist, Luke Sweeting. Exploring elements of free improvisation and contemporary jazz the band are performing music inspired by their recent escapades through Europe. The music explores a sense of movement and the effect that a place has on one.

    Josh is one of the most musically energetic young saxophone players to emerge from the Melbourne scene. An incredible composer and improviser, Josh's unique approach to music is influenced by his experience growing up in three countries. Born in South Africa amongst street buskers and township jazz, soaking up reggae and experimental rock in New Zealand, and obsessing about modern creative jazz in Australia, Josh’s signature sound is hard to categorise. After performing alongside Australian luminaries, including Julien Wilson, Vince Jones, Paul Grabowsky and Chris Hale, Josh has decided to promote his own work, influenced by his life stories and literature. His willingness to take risks and purely improvise in the moment is central to his conception. This mindset is perfectly matched to Sweeting’s adventurous approach to the piano.

    Sweeting is an incredible pianist and composer, having released two albums: 'People and Lightbulbs' with his jazz sextet outfit, and 'The Great Unknown' with soprano virtuoso Rachael Thoms, as well recording with 2012 Generations in Jazz vocal winner Liam Budge. He has performed alongside many of Australia's legendary jazz musicians, and has recently toured with Swedish-Australian band Svelia, improv band The Grey Wing Trio and Antipodes 6tet.

    Toska includes some of the most proficient musicians from both Melbourne and Sydney. These impeccable young musicians make thrilling journeys through compositions, and like a good traveller, take adventurous risks. A distinctive contemporary jazz ensemble. 

    Josh Kelly (VIC) - Sax
    Luke Sweeting (NSW) - Piano
    Reuben Lewis (VIC/NSW) - Trumpet
    Matt Hayes (VIC) - Bass 
    Harry Day (NSW) - Drums

    listen and learn more at

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  • 10 Jul 2014
    The Nagaram Trio

    Nagaram arranges tunes by great artists such as Jimmy schmit, Sew Montgomery, Eddie Rarish, Smile Davis, John O'Central - classic American standards like How Deep Is The Canoe and I've Got You Under My Sink, as well as their original snogs.  It's jazz but with a refreshing twist of melon.


    Barney Wakeford on the big piano
    Tim Rollinson on the string guitar
    Jamie Cameron hitting skins with sticks

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  • 17 Jul 2014
    The Field

    One of the CDs we play all the time while the music isn't live at Colbourne Ave.



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  • 24 Jul 2014
    Casper Tromp's Black Tulip
    Black Tulip is a new Sydney-based band led by Dutch pianist Casper Tromp. The band explores the borders of jazz and classical music. Expect an adventurous concert with the warm sounds of film music, interesting dissonances of modern classical and the improvisation and energy that comes with jazz.
    The band comprises the young talents Evan Harris on saxophone, James Heazlewood-Dale on double bass and Alex Hirlian on drums.
    Casper Tromp - piano & compositions
    Evan Harris - tenor and soprano saxophone
    James Heazlewood-Dale - bass
    Alex Hirlian - drums
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  • 31 Jul 2014
    Henri Peipman album launch

    Henri has a new album.  This is the launch.  He's bringing Spike Mason up from Tasmania especially for the occasion.  Don't miss it.

    henri peipman :piano
    spike mason :saxophones
    matt gruebner :double bass
    tim firth :drums

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  • 07 Aug 2014
    The Fantastic Teriffic Munkle

    Munkle is a creation of that musical genius and jazz community stalwart Julian Kerwin.  The project has been emerging from the depths of his mind regularly over the last decade, but not much lately because Martin Kay (clarinet) has been overseas for the past year.  But Martin is in sydney for one thursday, and to mark the occasion they will be airing a bunch of new tunes, as well as making a recording for posterity. 

    Unusual compositions, complex harmonies,  quirky melodies, amusing introductions.  It's quite fantastic and a little bit terriffic

    Martin Kay - clarinets
    Julian Curwin - guitar, banjo
    Sam Golding - tuba, trumpet
    Danny Heifetz - drums 


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  • 14 Aug 2014
    Three Fall

    Nick Southcott and Dave Goodman and Max Alduca

    present their emotions

    i saw the beginning of this at Nick's birthday party

    it was pretty good then

    and that was six months ago

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  • 21 Aug 2014
    Matt Boden Trio

    Three brand new musicians for your listening pleasure:

    Matt Boden was one of the ten finalists in the Wangaratta jazz competition this year.  We tried to get him for the solo piano month, but he couldn't get to sydney.  You might know him from the New Sheiks (their album won a Bell award), but you might not know him because he's lived for most of the last decade in Berlin and Paris.

    bassist Leigh Barker is the band leader of The New Sheiks.  i know he's from melbourne and everything but it's really surprising he's never played here.

    French drummer Lionel Bocarra has worked with Matt for many years, and will be in Australia after his Japan tour.

    read more and have a listen at

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  • 28 Aug 2014
    Barney Wakeford's Double Shot Quartet

    Barney Wakeford's Double Shot Quartet, featuring the duelling guitars of John Blenkhorn and Paul Mitchell Brown.

    Those who know Paul from his live performances with blues legend Joe Louis Walker can now see his other side, that of an increasingly unique jazz guitarist and composer.  John has returned to Sydney having wowed audiences at Italy's Astona Jazz Festival with the Australian All Stars featuring Emma Pask.  With Barney on jazz organ and Joel Davis on drums, this will prove to be a memorable crossing of musical swords.

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  • 04 Sep 2014

    Free music quartet Forenzics take you on a dark, noir-ish journey of sound and vision, their sonic instincts and improvisation styles transforming post-rock, noise, jazz and electronic influences into an absolutely unique and engaging live experience. All enhanced by RedCell Disorder’s intense yet atmospheric large scale live projections.

    The line-up features Matthew Syres on guitar, Dirk Kruithof on bass/guitar, both using various effects, tunings and preparation, Joe Cummins on trumpet and effects, and Evan McGregor on drums.

    Forenzics have released three albums, H3O (2009), Static and Silence (2010), and Build Ruins (2011), this last in collaboration with Japanese electronic artist Ryota Yamamura. Forenzics are currently working on their fourth studio album Malign, to be released late in 2014.

    Live, Forenzics are a force to be reckoned with, taking their audiences on a journey that is sometimes wild and tumultuous, sometimes hypnotic and fragile, yet always transporting. Especially when combined, as at this show, with RedCell Disorder’s live visuals projected large scale behind the band. Performance highlights have included playing a packed out Sound Series gig at Hardware Gallery, a live simulcast on Fbi Radio’s New Weird Australia, The International Noise Conference, and Wollongong’s 1/4 inch.

    facebook vimeo Bandcamp flickr twitter Red Bubble ReverbNation Myspace


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  • 11 Sep 2014
    Dorian Mode : Jazz for Bogans

    Dorian Mode is a multi-award winning musician and writer of laugh-out-loud books: A Cafe in Venice (Penguin) and Mozart Maulers (Penguin) have been bestsellers here and in Europe. These careers have remained separate until Dorian recently competed a doctorate (APA scholarship winner) on ‘Bogans!’ Armed with this unique insight, his talents combine in a hilarious new show ‘Jazz For Bogans’: an exploration of all things ‘bogan’ told through surreal yarns and song.

    With songs like ‘Moonlight In The Shire’, ‘Caravanistan’, ‘I’m Too Poor To Be Thin’ and ‘She Said Goodbye In Budgewoi’, you’ll laugh out loud and release the ‘inner Bogan’ within you!

    His musical partner Andrew Wilkie plays the vibraphone and has performed and recorded in almost every style of music you could imagine at the highest level - he's even performed at Royal Command performances in the Royal Albert Hall.  His musicality and diversity may be shown by listing some of the stars he has performed and toured with: Jose Feliciano, James Morrison, Jimmy Little, Michael Feinstien, Jane Rutter, Gangajang, Jimmy Little and many more.

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  • 18 Sep 2014
    Mic Conway's National Junk Band

    Expect the unexpected as these “virtuosos of the bizarre” create a live stage experience that must be seen and heard to be believed. Jug band blues, political satire and lunatic on-stage antics combine as a new-vaudevillian comedy cabaret. Audiences know Mic Conway’s tongue-in-cheek style from “Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band” and “Circus Oz”. From Byron Bay BluesFest to Port Fairy and Woodford Folk Festivals to Adelaide Cabaret Festival and The Famous Spiegeltent … the National Junk Band have become festival favourites for their unique collision of illusion, passion, irreverent satire, fire, magic, singing saws, flying chooks, musical mayhem and some very funny songs. Wielding National guitars, ukuleles, sousaphone, phono-fiddle, garbage cans and even the kitchen sink, there really is nothing like them in Australia today.

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  • 25 Sep 2014

    Pollinisers, pollinators and pollination are part of an exacting process that is fundamental to the world’s food source and usually goes unnoticed, quietly working away in the background of our daily lives. There is an intrinsic beauty to this process that has formed the basis of my contemplations leading to the work in this exhibition. When moths, butterflies, bees and others visit to harvest their essence it is a choreography that nature has performed throughout history. In these encounters, the flowers disclose their secret to the pollinators, who take it home in the form of scent and taste. - Dianne Fogwell

    Musicians Reuben Lewis, James Greening, Miroslav Bukovsky, Ronny Ferella, Geoff Hughes and master printmaker Dianne Fogwell come together to contemplate the natural choreography of pollination. Drawing on their accumulated history and perforated backgrounds in jazz, groove-music and free improvisation the ensemble will explore the sympathetic resonances found in this hidden world of Dianne’s artwork; illuminating memories of pollinators planted, plucked, gathered, observed and listened to.

    Dianne Fogwell - perforations, prints and projections
    Reuben Lewis - trumpets & objects
    Miroslav Bukovsky - trumpets & objects
    James Greening - trombone, trumpet & objects
    Geoff Hughes - guitar
    Ronny Ferella - drums

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  • 02 Oct 2014
    Lea and Spike Mason
    Lea and Spike Mason really love creating music together. Every Saturday night they weave their way through jazz standards at the Chalet in Poatina where they live. Lea sings and Spike plays the piano - and their one rule is - "Don't play the song the same way we played it last week."
    (This rule works so well that last week one of the regulars remarked, "I haven't heard any of those songs before" - when in fact he had heard every one!)
    This year they've decided to travel with the girls and play a 4-gig mini-tour of NSW. Colbourne Ave is their first show of the tour and will feature a special guest performer...
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  • 09 Oct 2014
    Rachel Lole

    Rachel Lole is a Sydney based Jazz Vocalist and Composer. Rachel spent three years under the tuition of leading Australian jazz artists Vince Jones and Kristin Berardi where she completed a Bachelor of Music at the ANU School of Music. Rachel is an experienced performer, with performances at the Lodge, Canberra for Julia Gillard (2013), Parliament House for Prime minister Tony Abbott (2014), Floriade Rhythm and Blooms Festival, Capital Jazz Project and jazz festivals in Melbourne, Sydney and the south coast of NSW. Rachel is a versatile performer and is one of Australia's up and coming Jazz Vocalists. Rachel has produced a body of original compositions that feature emotion filled lyrics and reflect her musical influences.

    The most promising young jazz vocalist I've heard

    Vince Jones

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  • 16 Oct 2014
    Salvation Street Shout

    It's a trombone shout band.  Seven trombone players.  Maybe even more.  And they all sing.  But not while they're playing their trombones.

    It's a trombone shout band.  A rare and beautiful genre specific to a group of pentecostal churches in the American south, developed sometime in the 1940s, but not recorded until the 60s so we don't really know how it went until then. it may have started with other instruments but it ended up with trombones.   gospel harmonies with new orleans groove.


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  • 23 Oct 2014
    Gypsy Dub Sound System

    Extreme instrumentalism meets cutting edge electronic manipulation. The Gypsy Dub Sound System (GDSS) is filled with funky dubby and juicey beats featuring Trevor Brown on sax/electronic/bouzouki; Veren Grigorov on violin; and Dirk Kruithof on Guitar.

    From the streets of Barcelona and Paris to warehouse parties in Sydney and Melbourne, to residencies at The Famous Spiegeltent, to headlining at festivals, such as the Sydney Festival and Woodford to the Sydney Opera House, the members of GDSS play with passion and humour, bending genres to breaking point then snapping into rip-snorting renditions of classic and surprising tunes played with virtuosic precision.GDSS has played at many festivals including, Sydney Festival, Womad (Closing Party), Corinbank Festival, Festival Of the Winds, and Aroma Coffee Festival at the Rocks, Sydney.

    actually i just took all those words from Trevor's website here :

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  • 30 Oct 2014
    Benny Lackner Trio (US/Berlin)

    Beautifully expressive jazz lines in a modern, groove oriented sound.

    Benny Lackner - Piano and effects
    Matthieu Chazarenc - drums
    Paul Kleber - bass and effects.

    About Benny :

    Born in Berlin, lived half of his life in New York
    Studied under Charlie Haden and Brad Mehldau
    Played at North Sea Jazz, Montreaux, and Monterey
    He's launching his 5th trio album, Sisikiyou
    The album was recorded at Jazzanova in Berlin, released by Unit Records, Switzerland
    The below-the-equator album launch is 17 dates in Malaysia, Indonesia, NZ, and Australia.  Only one in Sydney.

    Benny Lackner has a distinctive compositional voice that sounds lucid and fresh. He's found a cool way to write for this trio.
    -Brad Mehldau

    Lackner may be the first established pianist to come from the Mehldau school. With a  contemporary approach, he helps give the piano trio a much-needed facelift.
    -John Kelman, 

    Lackner also uses Fender Rhodes and a variety of other keyboards to texturize his work
    Lackner also shares a penchant for simple melodies that, while singable, are sometimes a little oddly askew also, something he no doubt learned from his time studying with Brad Mehldau.
    -John Kelman, All About Jazz

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  • 06 Nov 2014
    Casper Tromp Trio
    In their acoustic line up they use their own compositions as a platform for their improvisations. Grooves intermarry with strong melodies and dreamy sounds; risk and intuition are the cornerstone of their music. Initially inspired by 60’s jazz, they will bring you a combination of groove, experiment, jazz standards and originals!
    Piano - Casper Tromp
    Bass - Max Alduca
    Drums - Cameron Reid
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  • 13 Nov 2014
    Robbie Long and the Cardiff Spares

    Robbie Long is a multi-instrumentalist who has covered miles of styles in his weird & wonderful career. He has been a working man's musician since leaving school, walking the boards with countless acts on stages and in studios over the past thirty years in Australia, New Zealand, Europe.  Although he has jazz/rock foundations, he has gathered tools from a spectrum of musical genres through his musical journeys, adding spice and depth to his playing. During the early 2000's Robbie became involved with several well known figures in the Australian bluegrass scene, including Fiddler Andrew Clermont and Banjo virtuoso Dave Hellens. This led towards competing in the National Bluegrass Championships at Tamworth, where he won National Flatpick Guitar champion 2008 & 2010.

    Robbie Long and the Cardiff Spares
    Robbie’s current project showcases a selection of original material composed over the last three years or so, possibly best described as world-jazz. In the live set this is blended with a selection of pieces by artists that have had a significant influence on Robbie’s playing and writing style. This includes guitarists Jeff Beck and Larry Carlton, and mandolin virtuoso Chris Thile. The music will thus visit far flung corners of jazz and cross over into neighbouring genres - from trad, jazz rock, fusion, to bluegrass, gypsy swing and Western swing.
    Joining Robbie on stage are a selection of Newcastle’s finest young players, all distinguished in their own right.  Special guest Sue Carson will join the group, adding some soulful vocals & fiddle.

    Robbie Long on stringed things
    Jacob Neale on piano
    Jarrod Gibson on bass
    Brad Reinberger on drums

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  • 20 Nov 2014
    Freddie Hill : "September 31"

    September 31 (the origin of the name requires an e-mail to itself) was conceived some years ago as a vehicle for some original compositions dating from the early 1980's - while I was relocating to Australia from the UK - up to the present. From these early works I have arranged a suite, each movement of which recalls some tableau or natural phenomenon which made a deep impression on me at the time and which has stayed with me. My avatars include Ellington, Mingus (both of whom I had the good fortune to to see live) Monk, Kurt Weill and of course the other members of the Band who all something refreshing and diverse to bring to the table.

     Personnel of S.31  FH - trumpet/flugel/cornet
                                   Elisabeth Kelvin - soprano/tenor sax, clarinet/bass clarinet
                                   Leon Dennis - trombone/trumpet/flugel
                                   Kees Steen - guitar
                                   Elsen Price - double bass/bass guitar
                                   Josh Salter - drums/percussion

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  • 27 Nov 2014
    Chuck Yates and James Ryan

    The return of Chuck Yates, the legendary pianist who held down one of the longest residencies in recent memory - the thursday late-night jam at the Bald Faced Stag.  It nurtured some of Sydney's finest jazz talent and injected life, passion and love into the performance of bebop and the great American songbook.

    The Chuck Yates/ James Ryan Duo has been performing together for over 5 years and developed a very special musical communication.
    Sydney jazz piano legend Chuck Yates has been a stalwart of the Australian jazz scene for over 50 years.
    He has played with the who’s who of jazz including Carmen McRae and met Thelonious Monk
    James Ryan (Saxophones and flutes) is the awarding winning saxophonist, composer, flutist and bland leader of The Subterraneans and Sonic Mayhem Orchestra.
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  • 04 Dec 2014
    Francesca Prihasti quartet

    Originally from Indonesia, but currently based in Sydney, pianist Francesca Prihasti is a graduate from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where she studied under Judy Bailey, Kevin Hunt, Matt McMahon, and Mike Nock. Her quartet will feature Australia's Finest Dave Goodman on Drums and two wonderful young musicians Nic Vardanega (guitar) and David Groves (double bass)  Francesca's original music seeks to align with her artistic vision which is to evoke the conjuring of various rhythms, sophisticated harmony and lyrical melody whilst drawing inspiration from an extensive range of musical traditions which in addition to jazz include latin, classical, pop, folk, and ethnic music influences.

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  • 11 Dec 2014
    Paul Cutlan and Gary Daley

    Two of Sydney's great jazz players, improvisors, and all-round excellent people.  Paul Cutlan plays all the reeds, Gary Daley plays accordion and piano.


    Gary and Paul have become firm musical soul buddies over the last few years, discovering their shared passion for twentieth century classical music, world music and free improvisation.  Between them lies a kaleidoscopic world of tone colours, with piano, accordion and various saxophones and clarinets in the mix. From Messiaen to Bartòk, Fats Waller to Steve Swallow, traditional African to atmospheric improv, Gary and Paul will create an engaging evening full of surprise and emotion.

    They will be joined in the second set for a guest appearance by another kindred spirit, cellist Ollie Miller.

    Here's an interview from earlier this year about Gary's compositional history
    And here's an ABC Radio National program featuring one of Paul's compositions

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