Colbourne Ave started after musician Spike Mason was travelling around Europe in 1996. He went to some beautiful jazz concerts that were acoustic, and more like concerts than he was used to in the Sydney jazz scene. One of these was in the round, and it was so moving and intimate that he decided to try and recreate the experience in his own scene back home. After much searching, he found that the church in Glebe he was working for had perfect acoustics for listening. From 2000 to 2009 the venue was called "eight oclock sharp", the name of the first ever series - a season of the play Waiting For Godot with five jazz piano concerts. There was a very strict 'no talking during the music' rule, and the promise that the music would start exactly on time - eight oclock sharp!

Over the years, and with help from Andrew, Barney, and the CafeChurch community, the concert series grew from half a dozen performances a year - almost always acoustic, often in the round with great musicians and respectful audiences - until in 2008 they organized their third 'Jazz Piano Master Series' with sixteen solo pianists over four weeks. It was so good they decided they had to do it every week!  Over the next couple of years we managed to organise a consistent series of concerts, and changed our name to Colbourne Ave.

  • 09 Jan 2013
    Kenny's Lab Band - LIVE RECORDING

    Jan 9 & 10 @ 8pm  (please be seated by 7:45pm)
    Entry: $20/ $15 concession.
    Tickets also available at, 1300 GET TIX (438 849) and all moshtix outlets

    MoshTix - buy now

    Kenny's Lab Band

    Mike Kenny: Trumpet and flugelhorn
    Richard Maegraith: Saxophones and flute
    Jason Morphett: Saxophones
    John Harkins: Piano
    Brendan Clarke: Bass
    Jamie Castrisos: Drums

    Mike, Richard, Jason and Jamie were in the RAAF band together for a number of years. Now art and the military go together like oil and water, so to stop their artistic sensibilities from being drilled out of them, they formed 'The Lab Band'. This band was originally a place to try out ideas and keep sane. Eventually, someone who had some biff worked out that they were actually making pretty good music and let them loose at a few jazz festivals. Much to everyone's surprise 'the civilians' actually liked their music, and these square pegs in round holes got a bunch more gigs, just before the top brass decided that that much fun at taxpayers expense should be stopped. A bomb is more bang for your buck than Jamie 'dropping bombs' during LAC Morphett's third chorus of Alone Together. So they went their own way until Mike had the idea; 'lets re-institutionalise the de-militarised lab rats, add a couple of Jazz cats (Harko and Clarkey) and see what happens!' Now take some old standards that everyone knows and loves, run them through some vigorous experiments involving the harmonies of John Coltrane and Roger Frampton and who knows, sparks might fly, explosions take place and the hypothesis that music is the merging of melodies, minds, modes and past masters be proved.

    The performances will be recorded over the two nights to make an album and video.

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  • 10 Jan 2013
    Kenny's Lab Band - LIVE RECORDING

    Jan 9 & 10 @ 8pm  (please be seated by 7:45pm)
    Entry: $20/ $15 concession.
    Tickets also available at, 1300 GET TIX (438 849) and all moshtix outlets

    MoshTix - buy now

    Kenny's Lab Band

    Mike Kenny: Trumpet and flugelhorn
    Richard Maegraith: Saxophones and flute
    Jason Morphett: Saxophones
    John Harkins: Piano
    Brendan Clarke: Bass
    Jamie Castrisos: Drums

    Mike, Richard, Jason and Jamie were in the RAAF band together for a number of years. Now art and the military go together like oil and water, so to stop their artistic sensibilities from being drilled out of them, they formed 'The Lab Band'. This band was originally a place to try out ideas and keep sane. Eventually, someone who had some biff worked out that they were actually making pretty good music and let them loose at a few jazz festivals. Much to everyone's surprise 'the civilians' actually liked their music, and these square pegs in round holes got a bunch more gigs, just before the top brass decided that that much fun at taxpayers expense should be stopped. A bomb is more bang for your buck than Jamie 'dropping bombs' during LAC Morphett's third chorus of Alone Together. So they went their own way until Mike had the idea; 'lets re-institutionalise the de-militarised lab rats, add a couple of Jazz cats (Harko and Clarkey) and see what happens!' Now take some old standards that everyone knows and loves, run them through some vigorous experiments involving the harmonies of John Coltrane and Roger Frampton and who knows, sparks might fly, explosions take place and the hypothesis that music is the merging of melodies, minds, modes and past masters be proved.

    The performances will be recorded over the two nights to make an album and video.

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  • 17 Jan 2013
    The Eye Of Chaos

    The Eye Of Chaos have come from outer space.

    These three aliens have decided that Colbourne Ave will be a great opportunity to showcase their take on Earthly music before they take it to the larger audience that is the rest of the world.

    The one who is know as John Maddox has incredible powers. He is capable of virtuosic flights of imagination far beyond normal human abilities. He is able to imitate vocalists from any era with an uncanny likeness. One hears the history of bass in a chorus or two of his playing.

    Tim Bradley the drummer has unearthly coordination. He of the three is most obviously an alien. His hands are a blur. One could suspect that he is part machine.

    Nigel Date is perhaps the leader of the three. Who can tell though? An enigma wrapped in an anomaly within a paradox. He creates sounds out of his guitar that speak of worlds beyond imagining.

    This will be history. Be there to say you were.

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  • 24 Jan 2013
    George Washingmachine & sons

    George is a legend of Australian entertainment - playing any instrument which has strings, acting on stage and television, comedian and MC for a host of public events.  But his main love is playing the gypsy jazz fiddle, in the style of Stéphane Grappelli.

    This week he will perform with his two sons, both fine guitarists.  If you already love his hilarious style and astounding musicality, you'll be there.  If you just want another great night out in an already great January, we'll look forward to seeing you.

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  • 31 Jan 2013
    Majkowski, Waples (J), Gorfinkel

    Mike Majkowski, bassist extraordinare, home from Berlin for a couple of weeks.

    James Waples, one of the great drummers on the Sydney scene.

    Dale Gorfinkel, Melbourne vibes player, for his first Colbourne Ave show.

    All three incredible improvisers, masters of invention, creators of instruments and sounds previously unheard.  But above all: musicians who listen first then play, who respond as fast as the music can change,who build layers of textured sound onto entrancing, shifting rhythms.  I love it.

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  • 07 Feb 2013
    Luke Sweeting sextet
    Pianist and composer Luke Sweeting is touring his new album People and Lightbulbs. Capturing the energetic, textural and inquisitive compositions of the band over the last few years, the music is inspired by some great contemporary musicians like Alister Spence, Andrea Keller, Brad Mehldau and Florian Ross. His sextet features an incredible combination of improvisers: Ken Allars (tpt), Matt Handel (sax), James Greening (bone), James Heazlewood-Dale (db bass) and Finn Ryan (drums).
    Making a recent move to Sydney, Luke has spent the last few years performing extensively around his hometown Canberra, with various heavy weights like trumpet legend Miroslav Bukovsky (of Wanderlust fame) and has had a lot to do with the ANU School of Music; finishing his masters study under the Dennis Griffin Scholarship and also lecturing for the pre-tertiary program. Luke won the 2010 Sprogis Woods Composition Competition, and has performed around Australia, at the Magnetic Island Jazz Festival, the Canberra International Music Festival, regularly performing for famous silent film screenings at the National Sound and Film Archive as well as performing solo piano at Shanghai World Expo in 2010. Luke has released a few albums as a sideman and collaborator: an intimate duo project with soprano virtuoso Rachael Thoms titled The Great Unknown as well as the debut release with the 2012 Generations in Jazz vocal winner Liam Budge.

    Ken Allars - trumpet
    Matt Handel
    - alto
    James Greening - trombone
    Luke Sweeting - piano
    James Heazlewood-Dale - double bass
    Finn Ryan - drums

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  • 14 Feb 2013
    Frencham Smith Into My Room 10th anniversary

    Fred Smith and Liz Frencham will celebrate the tenth anniversary of their album Into My Room.

    It'll be valentine's day.

    Now, you and I both know that Valentine's Day is a creation of the Hallmark stationery company. But we also know that positing that fact as an excuse for ignoring it simply won't wash with your significant other. You're going to have to come up with something romantic to do that night, and do we have a bargain for you:

    Fred and Liz have lined up Barney Wakeford to play with us. He tickled the ivories on the Into My Room album and they will be covering every song from that recording and playing a few others on the night. Bring a picnic dinner or dine beforehand on Glebe Point Road. Booking details below, but do get in quick as there are only 90 tickets.

    album details here :

    book online here :


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  • 21 Feb 2013
    Matthias Schubert

    This will be Matthias Schubert`s first appearance in Australia after 20 years.
    Together with Brett Hirst on bass and Nic Cecire on drums he invites you to join them on their adventure into the world of surprise, suspense and alchemy that hallmarks improvised music.
    Since his last visit, Matthias has travelled the world appearing at numerous major festivals. He has been recorded on 60 albums in the field of free improvised and conceptual improvised music. Besides being an Instrumentalist, Matthias Schubert has also become a formidable composer for New Music ensembles.
    Tonight will see his long-awaited return to Australia in a classic improvised Jazz trio setting.

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  • 28 Feb 2013
    Hung Drawn Quartet

    They first started playing together in 2007 and experimenting with each others musical ideas. Over the past 3 years the group has been writing , recording and rehearsing original music. Constantly work-shopping new ideas and approaches, they have developed an open attitude to writing and performing while successfully maintaining a musical synergy between each other.

    This will be their third Colbourne Ave concert.


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  • 07 Mar 2013
    Date Bros

    The Date Brothers are well known for their guitar acrobatics in recreating the vibe and music of Django Reinhardt, the great French gypsy guitarist from the 1930’s.  Ian is regarded as one of the finest guitarists to have emerged from Australia. He has a long history of making music with many of the greatest musicians in the land as well as in Europe, where he is now based.  Nigel, also on guitar, has brought some outstanding bands to Colbourne Ave in recent years.
    Their last concert for us, late last year, left a very happy audience.  Ian is back in Australia for a short time and we are lucky to have him one more time.  This promises to be an exciting, excellent night of fine, swinging music.


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  • 14 Mar 2013
    John Harkins

    John Harkins, the Chicago-born piano player who inhabits the time when Jazz and the Blues weren't different yet.  Jazz and Bebop compositions, mixed with Standards from the Great American Songbook.


    with Jonathan Zwartz on bass (who has been playing some great gigs lately on the back of his excellent new album)

    and Andrew Gander on drums

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  • 21 Mar 2013
    Adam Simmons' ORIGAMI

    Led by multi-reed player, Adam Simmons, this trio, along with bassist Howard Cairns and drummer Hugh Harvey, is another facet of Simmons' music, which includes his solo project, quartet, and the renowned Adam Simmons Toy Band. Presenting new and old material, this trio sees Adam focusing on alto saxophone and bass clarinet, working within self-imposed limitations in order to more fully explore the possibilities - similar to the Japanese art of folding paper, working from a simple starting point with a square piece of paper to create pieces of great complexity and beauty.

    This concert is part of the tour to launch Origami's two new CDs: "Karaoke," a collection of songs from Ausstralian contemproary songwriters including Gotye, INXS, Dave Mason, Nick Cave and Colin Hay, and "The Usefulness of Art," a suite beckoning the consideration of art and its value in society.

    Adam Simmons - alto sax, bass clarinet

    Howard Cairns - double bass

    Hugh Harvey - drums

    “Dreamy, slow openers unfold to playful verve, then darkly tense and restless, edgy pieces exploring timbre, dynamics and saxophone versatility”

    Ranked Number 5 in Best Releases of 2011 list - Roger Mitchell –

    “Simmons’s total alto mastery is evident on Cheers Big Ears with street march drumming behind the exquisitely tender saxophone, seguing into quick soul-edged runs. These highly descriptive pieces are expertly interpreted by an energetic and intelligent trio.”

    John McBeath – The Australian

    “Simmons is no stranger having been on the Melbourne scene since the 1990’s but this could be his defining moment. Origami, with masterly technique, embraces some of the most vital aspects of jazz tradition and yet has an utterly contemporary relevance. Swing, groove, interplay, self-expression, and in the example of past masters such as Rollins, has embraced pop without compromising artistic integrity.”

    Peter Wockner – Limelight Magazine

    “With all due respect to his previous projects, Origami strikes me as a quantum leap for Simmons, where potential and achievement come together... Origami captures and holds the listener’s attention from start to finish; don’t be surprised if your first reaction is to listen to it again, right away.”

    Adrian Jackson – Rhythms Magazine

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  • 28 Mar 2013
    Francesca Prihasti

    Originally from Indonesia, but currently based in Sydney, pianist Francesca Prihasti is a recent graduate from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, studied under Mike Nock and has already played with some of Australia's Best jazz musicians: Dale Barlow, Carl Dewhurst, and Richard Maegraith.

    Francesca's four piece band, featuring the wonderful Dave Goodman (drums) and also two of these rising jazz musicians: Nic Vardanega (guitar) and David Groves (double bass), will be presenting her original compositions and new arrangements of standards, imbued by Francesca's poise and crystalline focus.

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  • 04 Apr 2013
    Sean Coffin's INTRIONSIC

    Saxophonist, Composer, Arranger, Educator and Bandleader, Sean Coffin is bringing a brand new project to Colbourne Ave. When we were discussing it he said "without stating the obvious will be a musically intense and sensitive collaboration."

    with Karl Dunnicliff on bass and Nic Cicere on drums.

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  • 11 Apr 2013
    Chuck Yates and James Ryan

    Chuck Yates (Piano) and James Ryan (Saxophones/Woodwind) at Colbourne Ave.  Chuck had an injury last time they were scheduled to play, but he's better ow.

    Chuck Yates became a Sydney institution after playing the late set every Thursday night for 14 years at the Bald Faced Stag in Petersham - he's a legend of Australian jazz. James Ryan is a virtuoso horn man of the highest order.

    It's gonna be swingin', in the moment and unforgettable.




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  • 18 Apr 2013
    Aaron Blakey

    Aaron Blakey is a jazz pianist originally from New Zealand.
    Before moving to Sydney, Aaron spent three years living in Japan as an active pianist on the Tokyo Jazz Scene. The Aaron Blakey Quartet will be presenting a variety of original tunes that Aaron has composed, based on various experiences from his times in Auckland, Tokyo, New York and Sydney, as well as some cool standards.
    Aaron will be joined by Mike Rivett, James Heazlewood Dale and James Waples. Each of these wonderful musicians brings their own voice to the tunes.
    Look forward to a fantastic night of music!

    Aaron Blakey (piano)
    Mike Rivett (tenor sax)
    James Heazlewood Dale (bass)
    James Waples (drums)


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  • 25 Apr 2013
    Guy Strazz & Matt McMahon with Edo Santoni

    Two of Australia’s most acclaimed contemporary instrumentalists and long time collaborators, Guy Strazz and Matt McMahon, present a program of acoustic jazz for guitar and piano. They are joined by the gifted singer, Edo Santoni, whose musical connection to Strazz and McMahon is deeply rooted through Guy’s Passionfruit band, and Edo’s own projects. Guy and Matt’s debut album, 2@1, was released on the Birdland label and received an AIR Nomination  for best jazz release 2009.  A rare opportunity to enjoy this trio project in its making in the intimacy, and relaxed atmosphere of the church.

    "It is easy for piano and guitar to trip over each other harmonically, but these two,  amongst the most lyrical players in the land, sing from the same hymn book”.
    John Shand SMH.

    “Music at its most fundamental and most thrilling”

    “One of the numerous beautiful themes is Zawi, an ode to pianist Jo Zawinul, where a flowing, unobtrusive melody achieves a carefully cultivated sense of peaceful relaxation”.
    John McBeath, The Australian

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  • 02 May 2013
    Mike Kenny's Lab Band

    In January this year Mike recorded two nights of live music at Colbourne Ave.  The album is almost ready, and they'll be playing the songs this week to warm you up for their upcoming CD and DVD launch.   Three horns, piano, bass, and drums, playing original Sydney jazz.

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  • 09 May 2013
    Darrin Archer trio

    Darrin launches his CD: Melancholy Woods.

    The recording is a selection of Archer originals and features Sam Anning and Raj Jayaweera. With both of these players now residing in New York, he will be joined two of Sydney’s finest: Phil Stack (bass) and Tim Firth (drums).

    Darrin studied composition at Latrobe University and Jazz Piano at Sydney Conservatorium, and now resides in Melbourne. He won the Jazz Action Society Composition competition in 1996, was a finalist in the 2003 MusicOz songwriting competition (Jazz Category), and was a semi-finalist in The National Jazz Awards (2006). In 2008 he studied at Banff Centre, Canada (under the direction of Dave Douglas), and got a lesson from Marc Copland in New York. He has just been awarded the 2013 APRA Composer Commission for the Melbourne Jazz Fringe Festival.


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  • 16 May 2013
    Caroline Trengove

    Finally, a Sydney launch for her first post-Jigzag album, The Time Garden.  Caroline's voice and fiddle bring you songs of heartache and travel.  it's a beautiful album.  not enough people have heard it, but any of them will tell you...

    Gary Steel (piano)

    Marcus Holden(fiddle)

    David Flower (guitar)


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  • 23 May 2013
    The Monday Club with Syzygy sp-A-C--E

    The Monday Club, the best improvising ensemble since Free For All, returns.  Tony Gorman and his band of monday revellers; playing their instruments they way they find them; listening to each other and to the wind.  I'd call this a special event, but all Monday Club performances are special events.  It'll go like this:

    The Monday Club

    The Monday Club grew from a chance meeting between Tony and Steve. A shared desire to explore sound was enough to start things moving - starting with long notes (to quote Tony - “is there anything they CAN'T do?”), it has quickly become something more. It's never been a conscious directing of events, but more an unfolding as the process deepens...

    The sources of this music are varied, elusive and not easily named - the spaces between words, and thoughts; the subtle stirrings of shifting time; flashing inspiration, raging and at once subsiding; a sense of space becoming sound becoming space...

    There are deep sonorities and ranging explorations, our vehicle the unique instrumentation and broad range of experience and inspiration within the group. Each time we play something is found, a collective space is arrived upon, and so the journey begins anew even as it continues.

    Tony Gorman, Boyd, Stephen Morley, Mary Rapp.

    Alto and contrabass clarinets, horn and cello.


    Colin Bright SYZYGY Band  sp-A-C--E part 1

    Music for Telescope, Binoculars & Improvising Ensemble

    A multimedia concept - streaming: -

    - LIVE star visual images projected onto a screen
    - LIVE 'star' data converted to MIDI signals for the musicians to interact with

    The Colin Bright SYZYGY Band, a collective of composer/improvisers, is collaborating with Dr Angelo Fraietta, a software engineer, composer, electronic musical instrument designer, and amateur astronomer.   Dr Fraietta’s current research is in the correlation of astronomical data with artistic performance, and has developed innovative software and hardware specifically for the spA-C--E concept.

    The multimedia concept is to stream 'star' data—such as position, elevation, brightness and colour—from astronomical catalogues through the positioning of a telescope & high-powered binoculars.  This data is converted algorithmically into a SOUND CANVAS. Additionally, a live image will be projected onto a screen and the audience will be invited to observe through the binoculars during the performance. Also, a laser marker will be projected into the sky to give the audience a naked eye perspective, which will facilitate their memory of the performance when they look into the night sky on another night, thus providing a true, memorable experience.

    Thus, LIVE interaction with star systems that SYZYGY improvise to - inspired by those sounds & images.  It is cutting edge technology requiring imaginative musicality.  Instruments are  mic-ed up  to 2-3 MacBooks + FX etc through Mainstage.  Thus the natural timbres of acoustic instruments AND electronic transformations.

    The BIG idea is the interaction between REALTIME now - and  DEEP TIME from space!!! (i.e. millions of years in the past!)

    Together, we have developed a broad but flexible structure to work within.  The structure is to give the work shape and form, as well as the flexibility to allow individuality - and a personal ‘voice’.

    Some of ideas we can interact with on our tour through the star systems...
    Zenith  - Nadir - Contact - Particles - Earth Dance - Moon Dance - Space Dance - Opposition - Conjunction - Universal Chord

    SYZYGY are:
    Paul Cutlan - clarinets, saxes + FX
    Nick Polovineo - trombone + FX
    Noam Jaffe - violin + FX
    Colin Bright - piano + FX
    Aiden Molins - film

    Dr Angelo Fraietta, a software engineer, composer, electronic musical instrument designer, and amateur astronomer.

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  • 30 May 2013
    Gavin Ahearn

    Gavin Ahearn, one of our favourite pianists, "is every bit the beautiful, lyrical pianist he's touted to be; not showy. In fact, he seems a little like a shy A+ student, covering his work to avoid the boy next to him copying... he tinkles and tinkers away, eking out the deeply affecting & truly extraordinary as if it's no more challenging than shaving."  Lloyd Bradford Syke





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  • 06 Jun 2013
    Casey Golden Trio

    One of the most exciting young bands in town, the Casey Golden Trio bring their unique trio concept and ever-growing repertoire of original music to Colbourne Ave. Although coming from diverse musical backgrounds with a wide range of influences, the trio have built a strong rapport with one another and are constantly striving to further develop their collective musical personality. These guys are a real unit . A great representation of the ‘now’ in piano trio music. 

    ”A very promising young contemporary jazz acoustic piano trio from Sydney that are in the rhapsodic EST mould, but with a clear personal vision in their mix of trancey melodies and live musical jump cuts.” Jazzwise (UK)

    “The young Sydneysider generates driving rhythms and improvises effervescent melodies on his own compositions... a commendable debut" Sydney Morning Herald

    have a look on the tube:

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  • 13 Jun 2013
    Nic Vardanega

    Nic is an emerging local guitarist, who has recently completed his studies at the con.  He's played at Colbourne Ave with Francesca Prihasti many times, and for the first time this thursday he'll be bringing his own band to the venue.

    Nic has played with some of Australia's finest musicians including jazz legend Mike Nock, saxophonist Richard Maegraith and has appeared at several of the country's leading jazz festivals.  He's a recent graduate of the Sydney Con jazz program, and leads a quartet consisting of fellow contemporaries navigating a selection of original compositions, modern classics and jazz standards.




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  • 20 Jun 2013
    Lines of Flight

    "A screaming comes across the sky."
    Thomas Pynchon.

    Lines of Flight are an improvising ensemble who work with an individual set of sounds and ideas taken from the realms of contemporary jazz, rock and metal, art music, experimental beats, and free improvisation. The band features Joe Cummins on trumpet, Casey Golden on piano, Alex Slater on drums, and Sam Pettigrew on bass. The band aim to present simple compositions played with care and passion. We like to talk about our music being 'heavy', 'hardcore', and 'intense', but in reality you can expect Lines of Flight to play songs that are often hypnotic, quite, lyrical, and emotional, delivered with a mix of understated minimalism and joyful improvisation.

    Sam and Joe once saw Oren Ambarchi perform. It sounded, and felt, like sitting just behind a jet engine. Lines of Flight are working on creating their own savage sound machine. We're not sure exactly what it is yet, but the engine purrs with the fumey flames of Alasnoaxis, Miles Davis, Arve Henriksen, Radiohead, Holy Other, and the many wonderful musicians on the Sydney scene.

    Lines of Flight are excited to be playing at Colbourne Avenue and will present some new compositions to celebrate the occasion.  

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  • 27 Jun 2013
    Dave Jackson

    Jackson’s quartet does everything well, and most importantly, they do it well together... These are tunes that know how to serve up a melody as the main course, then cast out lines throughout the song so that the melody lingers long after the quartet has developed it into something quite different... These are tunes that have two feet in the present, but can draw their lineage in direct thick lines to the past. And, best of all, these are tunes that are so easy to enjoy, even when the music isn’t simple. A sense of the effortless, from a quartet that plays seamlessly as one...
    NY Blog -birdistheworm-

    ...a highly melodic flow - a hallmark of the album - stated in piano and alto unison with, again, the alto solo flowing into a phasic solo, rising and falling in silvery cycles.
    John McBeath - The Australian

    ...Jackson displays an attractive bright tone and confident attack, and builds his solos with admirable fluency...
    Adrian Jackson - Rhythms Magazine.

    It's great to hear Dave and Sean playing so well with such a good NY rhythm section. The music is very impressive in the best way... It’s another step up for Australian Jazz.
    Mike Nock.

    The album is a hugely promising debut and sees Dave quickly establishing himself as one of the most exciting young jazz musicians on the Sydney scene.
    Eastside Radio.

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  • 04 Jul 2013
    Pasifika Sounds : Geoffroy Colson

    Geoffroy is a Prize-winning French pianist and composer, working on a jazz composition research project at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. The aim is to develop a portfolio of compositions integrating features, sounds and processes from Francophone Pacific Islands traditional music. Ultimately the project intends to propose original approaches to the sustainability of tradition through creative composition and collaboration.

    The project, entitled Pasifika Sounds,  is at its early stage of development, and this will be the very first presentation of the work before he returns to France for the summer and then French Polynesia to study traditional music (lucky him).

    You can hear some sounds here:




    Set 1:

    - A l'Ombre du Purau
    - Pastels
    - La Mangue Verte
    - 'Aito (*)

    Set 2:

    - Swell (*)
    - Matamua
    - Tēteta (*)
    - Huahine

    All compositions by Geoffroy Colson
    (*) World premiere


    Geoffroy Colson: composition, arrangement, piano, Tahitian ukulele, tō'ere, programming
    Nishchal Madjunath: tenor and soprano saxophone
    Steve Harris: Bass
    Jeremy Cook: drums

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  • 11 Jul 2013

    There is no concert at colbourne ave tonight.

    See if Foundry616 is open.  it might be it's opening night...

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  • 18 Jul 2013
    Steven Barry Trio

    Winner of the 2013 Bell Award for Young Australian Jazz Artist of the Year, Steve Barry returns to Colbourne Ave with his trio to celebrate the end of a national tour. Joined by Tim Firth and Tom Botting, the trio have been on the road over the past month promoting Steve’s debut album and exploring a range of original material and unconventional standards with a unique fluidity and rapport. Check out Jessica Nicholas’ review of their recent gig at Bennetts Lane in Melbourne.

    Steve’s debut self-titled album was released in December 2012 through Jazzgroove Records and has quickly gained high critical acclaim.

    Steve Barry – piano
    Tom Botting – bass
    Tim Firth – drums

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  • 25 Jul 2013

    I was sold on this gig when Matthew said "we are playing at a pub this weekend, you could come and see us but it wouldn't represent what we'd play here, it's a completely different vibe so our sound would be completely different."

    Free-improv with trumpet, bass, guitar, drums. Cinematic, hypnotic and unpredictable landscapes of sound.  While each performance is different, the sonic instincts and improvisation styles of each player transform the influences of post-rock, noise, jazz and electronic music into the bands’ distinctive, engaging, and ever-evolving aesthetic. Sometimes wild and tumultuous, sometimes soothing, fragile and hypnotically beautiful, always transporting.

    Free CD to the first ten payers!

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  • 01 Aug 2013
    The Field

    Barney's favourite concert of last year.  The CD has been in all our stereos ever since.

    The Field’s music is a meeting place of styles. You can hear jazz, blues, country and Celtic influences throughout. There are hints of Ry Cooder and Bill Frisell as well as Little Feat and the more obscure Celtic leanings of Pentangle and Richard Thompson. Here’s how Sydney music critic John Shand described their sound after hearing them play at the venerable Side On Café a few years ago:

    “The Field's music is immediately friendly, drawing the listener in with its obvious warmth and drawling geniality. With greater familiarity we find that, while it is by no means urban music, nor is it quite country. Perhaps it may best be described as Arcadian, given its pervasive stillness and radiant sense of contentment.”

    John Shand’s comment is unwittingly correct, given that Bruce Reid’s birthplace is the eastern maritime provinces of Canada, the birthplace of Arcadian music. Despite many years in Australia, the influences are still evident. The slide guitarist is The Field’s founder and main writer, as well as being a member of Sydney’s renowned jazz group The catholics. He is also guitarist with Oz rock legends, Dragon and worked in that capacity with singer Wendy Matthews for over a decade.

    On bass, Lloyd Swanton - one of Australia’s foremost jazz musicians. Swanton founded and still leads The Catholics. He is also a founding member of The Necks, perhaps Australia’s most successful jazz export.

    John Stuart is an accomplished jazz guitarist, a respected composer and arranger and also a fine steel guitarist (See the Snaketown Rattlers). John is also a fine percussionist and was a member of the great Jackie Orszaczky Band during their historic 6 year residency at the Rose of Australia in Sydney.

    Drummer Hamish Stuart is a legend in this country. He was a mainstay with the late Jackie Orszaczky for several decades. He maintains an incredibly busy and diverse schedule these days, playing with The Catholics, Ian Moss, Lucie Thorne, Tina Harrod, Andrew Robson and Tim Rollinson. His discography is a veritable whose who of Australian Jazz, Rock and R&B.


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  • 08 Aug 2013
    VIrna Sanzone + Kevin Hunt

    With her roots firmly planted in the fertile ground that lies between soul and jazz, Virna Sanzone has long been regarded as one of this country’s finest singers. Renowned for her heart on sleeve lyrics and her remarkable improvisational approach, Virna has worked with a broad spectrum of Australian greats, from Paul Kelly to Paul Capsis.  Tonight we will hear her in duet with the great Kevin Hunt on piano.

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  • 15 Aug 2013
    Reuben Lewis quintet

    The culmination of a chance meeting at a jazz club in Berlin, the Quintet is an exciting new offering led by former Canberra musician Reuben Lewis.

    Reuben plays trumpet
    James Greening on trombone
    Luke Sweeting on piano
    James Waples on drums
    Mark Shepherd on bass

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  • 22 Aug 2013
    Mark Isaacs trio featuring Briana Cowlishaw

    It's a couple of years since Mark has played at Colbourne Ave. He's been locked away composing new work for the last six months, but he has emerged to play for us.

    Hailed by the Los Angeles Times as “a splendid musical mind” jazz and classical composer and pianist Mark Isaacs has recorded and performed with some of the biggest names in international jazz yet he also writes symphonies and concertos as well as working as a classical pianist. His Resurgence band has been widely acclaimed and tours internationally and now Mark presents the music in a more intimate setting with Resurgence crew members Brett Hirst (bass) and Tim Firth (drums) along with scintillating young Australian vocalist Briana Cowlishaw.

    This is music composed and performed for the listener, not at them. Wonderfully integrated, thoughtful and intelligent…..providing some of the best on the cutting edge of accessible jazz ALL ABOUT JAZZ (USA)

    Close your eyes and Bri Cowlishaw will take you places familiar, new, nostalgic, painful, peaceful, visceral, and elsewhere THE AUSTRALIAN STAGE


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  • 29 Aug 2013
    Colin Offord & Kim Sanders


    This is music without borders, rich in new ideas and stylistic, cultural and philosophical influences. Composer of bent originals Kim Sanders is a multi-instrumentalist who has studied with Sufi ney-masters in Turkey, played with Gypsy brass bands in Macedonia, smoky tavernas in Greece, recording studios in Turkey and Indonesia, concert-halls and tea-houses in China, mosquito-ridden clubs in Gambia, and on Bulgarian National Radio. Singer and inventor of original instruments Colin Offord has performed in arts and music festivals, concert halls and country halls, cafes and caves, in great cities and remote villages throughout Australia and the world. They are joined by Horn virtuoso Stephen Morley, composer-pulse rhythmist Tania Bosak and soul-funk-jazz drummer Calvin Welch. This music doesn’t exist yet, it will be created right infront of you, for your ears only and be gone in the stratosphere by the time you leave. It’s a ride you shouldn’t miss!

    “Exotic and uplifting world music with a contemporary feel. Veteran multi-instrumentalist, composer and instrument maker, Kim Sanders's impact on the Australian scene over many years has been tremendous” - Paul Petran, Live on Stage 8.11.02

    “The album of the Kim of Sanders living in Australia strikes a bridge between Orient and Okzident, between jazz and Turkish-Bulgarian-African tradition. Sanders remarkably on is the versatility, with which it really acquires itself the play of its most different folkloristischen wind instruments into various musical worlds not to only in-dip, but for it on masterful level” - Carina Prange, Jazz Dimensions (Germany) (computer translation)

    “Offord is like a modern troubadour with his artistic crossover of Celtic, Aboriginal, Medieval and Asian music. His performances are enchanting, effortless and always an exciting event. Antoine Legat, Cultuur Magazine, Belgium

    “Colin Offord’s combination of wild music and highly original instruments will have you raising your eyebrows and listening like you’ve never listened before. It won’t hurt, really!” Chet Williamson, Rambles Culture Magazine, U.S.A.

    The best introduction to Colin's style is a google image search.  See what he can do!
    Or just check out his own website :

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  • 05 Sep 2013
    Mary Rapp sextet

    Dom Robinson drums
    Julia Reidy guitar
    Will Gilbert trumpet
    Shota Matsumura trumpet
    Sam Gill Alto

    and Mary Rapp on Double Bass or 'Cello depending on what takes her fancy

    have a listen to the band here - but since this recording they've added the vocal talents of Hannah Czaban.

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  • 12 Sep 2013
    Dorian Mode : Jazz For Bogans

    Dorian Mode is a multi-award winning musician and writer of laugh-out-loud books: A Cafe in Venice (Penguin) and Mozart Maulers (Penguin) have been bestsellers here and in Europe. These careers have remained separate until Dorian recently competed a doctorate (APA scholarship winner) on ‘Bogans!’ Armed with this unique insight, his talents combine in a hilarious new show ‘Jazz For Bogans’: an exploration of all things ‘bogan’ told through surreal yarns and song.

    With songs like ‘Moonlight In The Shire’, ‘Caravanistan’, ‘I’m Too Poor To Be Thin’ and ‘She Said Goodbye In Budgewoi’, you’ll laugh out loud and release the ‘inner Bogan’ within you!

    His musical partner Andrew Wilkie plays the vibraphone and has performed and recorded in almost every style of music you could imagine at the highest level: classical with the Symphony orchestras of Queensland and Sydney and he's even performed at Royal Command performances in the Royal Albert Hall.


    His musicality and diversity may be shown by listing some of the stars he has performed and toured with:  Jose Feliciano, James Morrison, Jimmy Little, Michael Feinstien, Jane Rutter, Gangajang, Jimmy Little and many more.

    His talent and experience led to the commission: composing the original and complete score for TAPDOGS, the most successful Australian theatrical export.




    Click through to read what the press have said about his unique comic style.

    Tickets and a couple of songs from the Adelaide fringe at the fringe festival website :

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  • 19 Sep 2013
    The Wires Project
    The Wires Project is centred around live musical improvised performances directly influenced by projected video and photography. This project is a collaboration between four Sydney based musicians, a Sydney based videographer/visual designer and a Singapore based Photographer.
    The overarching motif of the project is to explore the complex interaction between the Australian and Asian world-views and perspectives. Wires seeks to unravel this interaction through an exposition of the conflicts and congruities inherent when visual art and music are combined.
    In practical terms the workflow of the project operates like this:
    1. Singaporean photographer Chia Ming Chien has a number or photographic series capturing the life and architecture of South East Asia. These still images are sent to:
    2. Aymeric De Meautis, our Sydney based VFX artist who renders the stills into video sequences utilising various cutting edge imaging techniques.
    3. Musicians Briana Cowlishaw (Vocals), Gavin Ahearn (Piano), Jonathan Zwartz (Bass) and Nic Cecire (Drums) will interpret the video sequences in a live performance.
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  • 26 Sep 2013
    Andreea Kindryd's Glebe Stories Project

    Colbourne Ave presents a night of stories about our suburb, in one of it's many beautiful spaces.  The Glebe Stories will be coordinated by local storyteller Andreea Kindryd, a 75 year old African American Australian who has told her stories internationally.  After "From Slavery To Star Trek", a personal history beginning in Mississippi and ending in Hollywood, Andreea decided to work on stories about her current home - Glebe.

    She has interviewed locals and ex-locals to extract a personal and cultural history of Glebe, full of people, food, amenities, good things, not so good things, likes, secrets, and gossip.  This is part of the Story Project which will be visiting other suburbs as well. The stories will be videoed and put into a data base so that they can be accessed by topic or feelings.  Glebe is the first stage of the project, and we will have stories from long time residents and rent arrivals, people who grew up, went to school or worked in Glebe.   A few are professional story tellers and the rest just people with a story to tell.  We all have stories and when an elder dies a library is lost.

    - See more at:


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  • 02 Oct 2013
    SCAT play JAZZ

    Brisbane jazz cats
    bringing swing and
    cooking tunes and that...
    hip quirky vocalist croons
    the coolest standard tunes

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  • 03 Oct 2013
    Liz Frencham with special guest Paul Greene
    Come and celebrate another much needed injection of spring enthusiasm with Liz on her 2013 "Joy Spring Tour"
    Accompanied by
    Damien Neil on guitar
    Nick Southcott on piano
    Tim Bradley on Drums
    Liz Frencham
    Liz is a rare bird. Always a warm, exuberant performer known for multiple successful collaborations (FrenchamSmith, Jigzag and Dev'lish Mary) she is also a captivating soloist. A luminous presence, armed with a double-bass and a smile, oozing cheeky Rickie Lee spontaneity and Joni-style honesty, wrapped in gentle Norah Jones soul. Liz will be accompanied by Damien Neil on guitar.
    Paul Greene
    Having played with a diverse range of the world's most respected musicians including Ani DiFranco, Patty Griffin and Alvin Youngblood-Hart to name but a few, Greene is no stranger to eloquent songwriting from the heart.  "Greene's genuine songwriting stands above all else." : the Newcastle Herald.
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  • 11 Oct 2013
    88x8 solo piano masters : Alister Spence + Austin Benjamin

    Two great improvising pianists, both with international careers in improvised / experimental / new music. 

    The first time I saw Alister play it changed the way i heard music forever - he (and Sandy Evans) opened a window into jazz improvisation which i have been trying to climb all the way through for ten years.

    Austin is cut from the same stuff.  endlessly exploring new musical ideas, both intellectual and aesthetic, at 25 years old he has studied on three continents and composed and recorded in half a dozen forms.

    i expect this night to be mesmerising and demanding and beautiful.

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  • 18 Oct 2013
    88x8 solo piano masters : Steven Barry + Aaron Blakey

    Steve Barry and Aaron Blakey, two New Zealand-ish pianists we have taken for our own.  Both are composers of beautiful tunes from personal experience.  Both are versatile technical players with a great feel for the keyboard.  And both know how to tell a story through a tune, to leave an image of the composition which lasts after the specifics have been forgotten.

    Steve has played for us a dozen times, but never solo.  Aaron and Steve jam together all the time.  Come and hear the new generation of great jazz players.

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  • 25 Oct 2013
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  • 31 Oct 2013
    88x8 solo piano masters : Don Hopkins + Pugsley Buzzard

    Finishing our solo piano series with two swamp blues pianists from the old school, the school of hard knocks.

    Don Hopkins is steeped in all the early blues and roots traditions.  He can play anything with keys in any style from 1920 to 1950.  Last year he won 2nd place in the International Blues Challenge in Memphis - if you got ills Dr Don is qualified to cure them.

    Prepare to be booglarized by one of Australia`s finest consummate artists. Pugsley Buzzard has performed all over the world from Berlin to the New Orleans French Quarter to the Himalayan Blues Festival in Kathmandu. Pugsley has dazzled and delighted audiences far and wide with his unique blend of dark hoodoo blues, good time rollicking boogie and blazing stride style piano playing together with his huge mesmerizing voice that can make the ladies sigh and grown men cry.

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  • 07 Nov 2013

    A rare chance to hear a duet project Matt and Christina put together a few years ago.

    Astor Piazzolla was a prolific writer of ‘Neuvo Tango’ and drew from a wide range of influences including folksong, jazz, dance music and contemporary harmony. The six ‘Tango Etudes’ for alto saxophone were written shortly before his death. Only recently has a sketch for its harmonization been discovered. Tango ognaT’ uses Piazzolla’s music as a launching pad to explore, dissect and reconstruct the Tango and its influences with a distinctly Australian flavour.  Featuring original compositions by Matt as well as arrangements of folk and dance music with origins as diverse as Ireland and Argentina,  ‘Tango ognaT’, is neuvo Australian Tango for alto saxophone and piano.

    Matt McMahon (piano)
    Christina Leonard (alto sax)

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  • 14 Nov 2013
    Sean Coffin's INTRIONSIC

    Sean's last show six months ago was everything great jazz should be.  hard and fresh and complex and beautiful.



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  • 22 Nov 2013
    Karl Laskowski Ballads Trio
    Karl Laskowski - Tenor Saxophone
    Matt Smith - Guitar
    Alex Boneham - Bass
    The term 'Ballad' can be interpreted many ways, but for this trio the ballad means a piece of beauty, whether it be melodic, harmonic or atmospheric. Although newly formed, these musicians have been performing together in various ensembles for the past 10 years and will focus on the intimate interactions that the trio format encourages.
    They will perform pieces from influences as diverse as Lionel Loueke, Wayne Shorter, Stevie Wonder and Soundgarden as well as original compositions, with a focus on exploring and celebrating the sonic beauty of some of the more enchanting pieces written in the last century. The trio features Karl Laskowski (Mike Nock Quartet, Los Gringos), Alex Boneham (James Muller Quartet, The Vampires) and Matt Smith (Thirsty Merc, The Strides).
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  • 28 Nov 2013

    It's jazz to tapdance in a hot shower to.  Duck Wellington, Umbrella Fitzgerald, Melodious Funk - the playful sound of jazz spoonerisms.

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  • 05 Dec 2013
    The Date Bros

    From a gypsy campfire to the lowdown bluesy sounds of New Orleans to the South American street party to the sophisticated inner city salon. The Date Brothers happily invoke these sounds and styles and play in a virtuosic manner on their acoustic guitars. A selection of tunes from Johann Sebastien Bach to Bud Powell.

    Music spanning 300 years from North and South America, France, Scotland and Norway performed by this Australian trio. The emphasis is on original arrangements rendering beautiful melodies and improvisations played with passion and great style on acoustic guitars and double bass.

    Latest recording is available online at http://date

    Nigel Date and Ian Date will be playing their excellent guitar styles, with Natalie Morrison on double bass, and as usual with these cats you can expect a few special guests.

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  • 12 Dec 2013
    The Luke Sweeting Quintet

    Luke moved down from Canberra a couple of years ago, and is now an integral member of half a dozen bands, with two original albums under his own name.  He's toured Asia and Europe and blah blah blah you know.  What's great is that he is actively exploring the sounds and the culture of Australian jazz, composing and improvising with everyone he can, bringing together themes and styles and (as with so many players of his generation) forging a new local style to take to the global stage.  And he's good at it.

    They'll be playing tunes from Luke's recent album People and Lightbulbs and a bunch of new material.

    Luke Sweeting - piano
    Ken Allars
    - trumpet
    Matt Keegan
    - tenor sax
    Luke Sweeting
    - piano
    James Heazlewood-Dale
    - double bass
    Finn Rya
    n - drums

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  • 19 Dec 2013
    Spike and Lea

    Spike and Lea Mason don't get to play music at Colbourne Ave very often any more. That's because they live 956kms from the front door in a beautifully remote town named Poatina in Tasmania. Every Saturday night they perform a duo jazz gig at the towns Chalet. Spike plays the piano and Lea sings, and they improvise their way through their favorite jazz standards. Tonight is a rare chance to hear them create their soulful and melodic magic in Sydney."

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